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    thanks Tony, good luck to you too :)

    thanks Tony, good luck to you too :)
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    greetings from the india !!!

    greetings from the india !!!
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    Affiliate niche site ideas

    do some research about niche, keywords, audience engaged with niche and take action, don't worry about getting organic traffic through search engines there are much ways to drive traffic on niche site.
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    Affiliate niche site ideas

    finding niches is quite simple, hunt for amazon's best selling products and in clickbank sort products by popularity and look at commission rates & Gravity scores to get an idea of profitable niche. higher gravity score means higher competition to sell the product within any niche. and when it...
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    Has anyone else experienced ClickBank not allowing them to open an account?!

    i am facing the same problem, donno why ?
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    organic traffic or paid traffic for beginner?

    getting organic traffic is quite long process, if you have tight budget to spend on ads then you should go for facebook ads and instagram shoutouts, these two social platforms have much potential, just do some audience research on your niche and target them in facebook ads.
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    $400 in 5 hrs

    Wow, $400 in just 5 hours but how ? which strategies are you using ? which is this ad network ?
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    What is Organic Traffic?

    Organic traffic that comes from search engines like google and bing
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    Which SEO method to get ranking within a month in Google?

    Link Building Strategy Still Works to rank in google, so focus on white hat link building.
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    How to SEO for wordpress website

    submitting website to major search engines, creating social media pages, sharing website on social media, do proper keyword research on your niche, find the targetable keywords and audience, start link building. this way you can get traffic to your website though it will take some time to rank...
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    What is Link Popularity?

    Just google the query you will get lots of results out there
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    What is Link Popularity?

    External link popularity is the number of links from outside sources that lead back to the particular website.
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    Backlinks DoFollow/NoFollow Ratio

    i want to know that what should be the ratio of backlinks for blog, i mean to have good link profile in google's eye does it matter to keep 50-50 ratio of backlinks, if my blog has 50 backlinks so is it necessary that 25 should be dofollow and rest 25 should be nofollow ?