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  1. TynaTwine

    What car are you driving?

    Toyota Avensis 2.2 D-cat
  2. TynaTwine

    what's is the best way to promote clickbank products?

    I had the same questions as well, and what I found is that native ads are working well. Revcontent, Adnow, Taboola, Sitescout seems to be good options from my research. Out there are some guys who promote them on Bing too, but I think you have to know very well how to set up a campaign to get...
  3. TynaTwine

    No lead from squeeze page

    Hello everyone, I made a 1$ test. Create 2 ads on Facebook, one as a page post and another as an offer of giving something free (eBook about home remedies for skin). I put a link to the squeeze page. I selected these countries: Argentine, Australia, Canada, England, Ireland, New Zealand...
  4. TynaTwine

    Facebook - Unapproved Ads

    It is an eBook with home-made remedies.
  5. TynaTwine

    Facebook - Unapproved Ads

    Thank you! What I did was to promote an article about hair loss with links to my sales page. Also I am wondering if facebook not approve articles about health/remedies.
  6. TynaTwine

    Facebook - Unapproved Ads

    I tried this only on Facebook. Any other suggestions regarding my ad will be more than welcome. I'm here to learn.
  7. TynaTwine

    Facebook - Unapproved Ads

    Hello, I tried to promote on Facebook a hair product not directly, but via an article about hair loss. I tried 3 different ways and always I received the unapproved message, telling me that it does not meet the requirements for ads. Once I got this message "This ad appears to promote adult...
  8. TynaTwine

    Health Products - What kind of traffic?

    Yes, I own them. I am on two affiliate networks (Clickbank and SoftwareProjects) , I have a couple of affiliates but extremely low traffic. The products have videos too... I did not promoted them until now in other way just email campaigns. And now I don't have a plan. I started with Facebook...
  9. TynaTwine

    Health Products - What kind of traffic?

    Hello, I want to get traffic to a couple of websites which sales health eBooks. What kind of traffic should I choose to get sales? Thank you!
  10. TynaTwine

    how to choose colors to your website

    Hello, I'm new on this forum. I registered right now just because of this post. It is a great information for everybody and very interesting things I didn't know about. Thank you!