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  1. Galaksion Ad Network

    Official Galaksion team is waiting for you in Bangkok

    30 November–1 December, let’s catch up at Affiliate World Asia! It’s a win-win opportunity for you: search for new partners, networking with affiliate leaders, insider info about the market, and, of course, communication in person with the Galaksion team. Are you in? Booth D05 is our meeting...
  2. Galaksion Ad Network

    Celebrate Halloween and create your profit potion with the advertising network Galaksion!

    Celebrate Halloween and create your profit potion with the advertising network Galaksion! The special bonus is hidden in this message. Don’t miss it! 1️⃣ The main ingredient of the Galaksion profit potion is direct traffic. This means that we cooperate with trusted website owners and transmit...
  3. Galaksion Ad Network

    Ask Me Anything MythBusters: Ad Networks

    You’re on Mythbusters! Let us guess the most popular question about your work from your friends and family: do you get money just for surfing the Internet? Affiliate marketing is quite a young sphere. So there are still lots of stereotypes about it not only among people outside the digital...
  4. Galaksion Ad Network

    Cleaner vertical drift - CHECKLIST

    Cleaners have got third place in the Race across the verticals not accidentally. After the pandemic, we transferred everything to the online world. More people started working remotely. So they need to care about both personal and business devices. Moreover, these verticals’ offers mostly don’t...
  5. Galaksion Ad Network

    Case study: Traffic on a CPA: 0% risk and 56% ROI on the first tests

    Galaksion editor’s note Imagine: you found a good offer from the vertical you didn’t use. What’s next? The key is traffic on a CPA that is the best to try something new. You won’t lose money on the first tests as you pay only for conversions. Our advertiser used this payment model to check a...
  6. Galaksion Ad Network

    Ask Me Anything Dare you join the most profitable race across the verticals? We are already started!

    The prize is up to 10% gCashback that every participant wins! There is only one rule: to launch a campaign with a postback in Galaksion advertising network. Galaksion is celebrating infinity eight years and presenting infinite profit to you. Its main feature is clean traffic that comes directly...
  7. Galaksion Ad Network

    Ask Me Anything Your shield against mistakes

    Affiliates’ world can be cruel. You race through all its dangers on the spaceship alone, trying to dodge not converting offers, low number of impressions, and not working ad formats. Slow down. In Galaksion you get a shield against mistakes — your manager. Today our managers will explain...
  8. Galaksion Ad Network

    Ask Me Anything Friends with benefits

    Or why you should be friends with your manager No matter if you launch your first campaign or have 3 years of experience, you should communicate with the affiliate superman — your manager. They are always in your corner, know everything about affiliate marketing, and help to overcome the...
  9. Galaksion Ad Network

    Ask Me Anything Bad affiliates habits you should never have

    We created a list of bad habits that you should kick if you want to launch a profitable campaign. Cautious! All these stunts are performed by bad affiliates, don’t try this on your campaigns. 1️⃣ Using one creative for all campaigns When you switch the parameters of your campaign, you change...
  10. Galaksion Ad Network

    Ask Me Anything Sit on a gold mine with Affiliate Marketing Golden Rules

    Galaksion has been working for 7 years, testing different GEOs, formats, and verticals. We have derived the high-profit formula and are willing to share it with you. That is because your success is our success. Here are our rules: 1️⃣ The more traffic, the more conversions If we draw a sales...
  11. Galaksion Ad Network

    The utility software vertical in Tier 1: Galaksion explains

    Spoiler: it’s one of the hottest verticals in the world. Competition is high but meanwhile, there is always a great number of offers and solvent customers. So the game is worth the candle. Previously on „Galaksion explains Tier 1” series we named some features of these GEOs. There you can find...
  12. Galaksion Ad Network

    Review Your Tier 1 vertical match for profit

    In the previous posts we’ve discussed what Tier 1 traffic looks like today and why you should include it in your campaigns’ strategy. ⚡️Quick sum up: Tier 1 traffic sources bring the most solvent audience to your offers. Yet these users are very demanding of ads so one might want to refresh the...
  13. Galaksion Ad Network

    Reasons to launch Tier 1 campaigns

    Do your campaigns need Tier 1 traffic? For a faster answer, put it another way: do your campaigns need profit? Hell yes! How do I get this profit? By launching the best paying offers only solvent users are interested in. It can be a challenge but it’s definitely worth your budget and time...
  14. Galaksion Ad Network

    Ask Me Anything Get more profit with A|B test for on-page

    On-Page got even more profitable! A/B test of creatives is available for this format now. Let us remind what it is exactly. With this feature, you can create multiple creatives at once in the same ad campaign. Each of them will have its own image, header and body parameters. After launching you...
  15. Galaksion Ad Network

    Interstitial traffic is now available by CPA

    Now you can launch Interstitial campaigns on a CPA and pay for conversions only. Time to get the most out of your offer without worrying about impressions and every unlucky click. Where to drive traffic to when working with Interstitial on a CPA? MOBILE — GEO: IN, PH, US, ID, MX, SA, MY, ES...
  16. Galaksion Ad Network

    Announcement Come say hello at Affiliate World Global!

    Nice to hear that! Don't regret, hope to meet you at the next conferences soon :)
  17. Galaksion Ad Network

    Announcement Come say hello at Affiliate World Global!

    The Affiliate World Global conference in Dubai has started today. Galaksion team can’t wait to meet you and finally chat in real life. And you? Visit our STAND B21 to discuss the latest trends and know the highest ROI secrets. Remember that at the conference our partners get special conditions...
  18. Galaksion Ad Network

    Ask Me Anything Sharing is Caring: Galaksion Referral Program

    How to make unlimited profit working with Galaksion? It's very simple: become a referral program member! WHAT IS A REFERRAL PROGRAM? A referral program is a type of affiliate program. Many of you must be familiar with this concept. We at Galaksion offer you profitable cooperation: a reward for...
  19. Galaksion Ad Network

    Ask Me Anything Meet the new format — Interstitial from Galaksion

    Meet the new format — Interstitial Having it brings one more opportunity for Galaksion partners to turn a profit! Before proceeding to the tests, let's take a closer look at the format: Interstitial is a notification that appears in the center of the screen, sometimes creating a shadow...