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  1. Martin.Smallboss

    We need leads for B2C

    You can send email to me.
  2. Martin.Smallboss

    Very happy to meet AFF-fix

    Hi,Amy.Nice to heard your news.I am very happy.
  3. Martin.Smallboss

    Looking for a link checker tool

    Such a tool, I have not used. However, according to business processes, you can link all the Offer are written to Notepad, and then use the python script to detect whether these links can be properly accessed. For programmers, this is very simple. hope everything is fine!
  4. Martin.Smallboss

    Very happy to meet AFF-fix

    Hello, I am not recommending my business services. I'm just an ordinary Aff. This account is I just registered, only my personal use. To this forum, my goal is to learn some new skills, I am about to begin the implementation of the new Offer to do better preparation.
  5. Martin.Smallboss

    Looking For Email Marketing for China - E-Commerce Campaign. BIG BUDGET!

    Hello, I'm from China. I am more familiar with the Chinese market, if the need for e-commerce B2C data I have here. As for the e-mail marketing model in China is difficult.
  6. Martin.Smallboss

    Very happy to meet AFF-fix

    Thank you!
  7. Martin.Smallboss

    Very happy to meet AFF-fix

    I come from China, the early 90's young artists. Occasionally, met this forum Aff-Fix, very happy. Here are the knowledge I need and can help my forum friends. Of course, I will do my best to use my experience to help the needy forum friends. I am familiar with SEO technology, and have 5 years...