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  1. TouTrixAnn

    For Hire Affiliate Manager

    I am working on it. I have joined several affiliate programs which are mainly targeted to particular audience like the Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency users. I may try something else soon, which can you recommend?
  2. TouTrixAnn
  3. TouTrixAnn
  4. TouTrixAnn

    For Hire Affiliate Manager

    I'm currently looking for Affiliate Manager position to any Network. I use to work for two adnetworks, one of it is a bitcoin adnetwork and the other is an adult adnetwork. I can work 8-10 hours a day as I'm very much free. I've started my career since 2015 in this industry and would like to...
  5. TouTrixAnn

    Crypto manipulation scams

    Its the market that can be manipulated but I don't think it can be done alone. Many of the traders will go bid and ask for prices they desire to which they will profit so naturally they will bid or ask for higher target price making BTC price go up. And because of the limited supply of coins...
  6. TouTrixAnn

    Will Bitcoin Ever be Regulated?

    bitcoin is already regulated. US government as far as i know will tax bitcoin holders. institutional investors are already trading it even in etoro. there is also contracts and futures trading like the BAKKT. -
  7. TouTrixAnn

    How did you find us?

    i use to work for a bitcoin adnetwork, which led me here to promote to webmasters. now i'm looking for opportunity here.
  8. TouTrixAnn

    Official TouTrix Ad Media [Deleted]

    This resource has been removed and is no longer available for download.
  9. TouTrixAnn

    I am totally new to affiliate marketing

    Welcome to affiliatefix. you've come to the right place.
  10. TouTrixAnn

    Earnings being a Publisher can also be used to Advertise your site!

    So is it possible that your earnings as a publisher can directly be used to advertise your site as well if you chose to? Unlike the rest of the Adnetwork, you only need to have ONE account in Adnetwork to be a publisher and advertiser as the same time. And because of this, you will...
  11. TouTrixAnn

    hey if you need adult traffic, that's what we have here on do...

    hey if you need adult traffic, that's what we have here on do contact me for assistance... my skype is toutrixann
  12. TouTrixAnn

    Adult Traffic not Only for Dating Offers

    maybe if you set to target the demographics on facebook, say interested on dating. $38 in just a day? good job.
  13. TouTrixAnn

    How Peerfly Scammed me for over 4000$

    Don't know the whole story though but damn you've promoted a product well on fb. wonder which.
  14. TouTrixAnn

    Best Place To Buy VCC?

    why not just use some debit card, my suggestion is or it almost work like the usual debitcard that you can use to buy domains from namecheap and online shops. check this Bitcoin Debit Card - Fees and Limits | E-Coin
  15. TouTrixAnn

    Zeropark + Adult Campaign

    You may just have to adjust targets. Do you just intent to target US? Maybe some other offer and other countries too.
  16. TouTrixAnn

    [Journey] Adult Toy Store

    maybe targeting the locals is the first thing to do so you won't be worrying first about freight. have you tried advertising it yet?
  17. TouTrixAnn

    If You Had A Spare $100,000. What Would You Invest In?

    would invest it on trading cryptocurrency. buy some bitcoin perhaps.
  18. TouTrixAnn

    Good Traffic Networks 2016 (Not Fb, AdWords, Bing)

    With all the updates SEOs had to digest, its always the adnetworks thats better to turn to until the site gradually rank on searaches. networks usually gives the kickstart.
  19. TouTrixAnn

    What do you eat for breakfast?

    omelette sandwich and coffee :) coffee always makes us feel good every morning.
  20. TouTrixAnn

    Native Ads Networks 2016?

    i suppose an advertiser can take back what's left if they change their minds after seeing no results, can they? 10K USD is a huge amount. i wonder if someone really dive to it without testing.