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  1. Lord Patrick

    Official LandingTrack - Track + Auto-Optimization.

    Is this tracker just for pop-ups? No easy integration with Search PPC or Popular Affiliate Networks.
  2. Lord Patrick

    Official Peerfly Closing - Sad To See Them Go

    I agree. I have $30-$40 on my account. Those are about 20-30 leads that the advertsiter paid them for and I spent money getting them. So it's really weird. I don't expect them to make $5 payments but I think if you have more than $25, you should get that money.
  3. Lord Patrick

    Official Peerfly Closing - Sad To See Them Go

    One of the iconic affiliate networks is gone. Goodbye. Made 2k with them, not much.
  4. Lord Patrick

    Registration in Maxbounty for foreigners (callback)

    If you have affiliate experience there is no need for you to have perfect English. You can tell at first that if they don't understand something to let you know for you to say it again or something like that.
  5. Lord Patrick

    2018 Best PPCall Netwwork

    Do they have lawncare?
  6. Lord Patrick

    Selling Traffic Push, Pops, and Native ads from RichAds!

    Can you lower your Minimum Deposit?
  7. Lord Patrick

    Support Google Ads Not Approved - Malicious or Malware Activity

    This is mainly a domain, hosting and theme/plugin issue. Try a plain site with just headline and a couple text and go from there. .online domains get that a lot.
  8. Lord Patrick

    YOU are ONE Click Away from a Profitable Partnership

    PM me with more info
  9. Lord Patrick

    YOU are ONE Click Away from a Profitable Partnership

    Which are the countries?
  10. Lord Patrick

    Generated $133,762.92 profit in 2018 (still counting)

    Funnel or direct to the offer page?
  11. Lord Patrick

    What is the best pay per call network ?

    adpump scammer site and you are a scammer
  12. Lord Patrick

    Why I stopped putting ads on my blogs (and what I do instead)

    I Agree with you. Rather not place ads on your money website
  13. Lord Patrick

    Ask Me Anything What is the Ultimate tracking software for affiliate marketing

    This trackers looks unprofessional and sketchy asf.
  14. Lord Patrick

    Looking For CPI Networks Who pay weekly or Biweekly

    The best one... CPABuild for sure. Have made 6K with it and every week I get my payment. And good EPC. Register with my link and get $5 free.
  15. Lord Patrick

    Bing Account Creation Help

    If you want to go to jail... yes.
  16. Lord Patrick

    my road to success with mobile CPA - $10,000/month Goal - Update 11/14/2017

    Glad you still making progress and money. I didn't respond your last post because I don't know much about scaling. ;)