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    Hmm, I've heard of people not making too much, but I've never heard of people making nothing. I know someone that has made about $16. I know it's not a lot, but for a few seconds of work, it's not that bad.
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    PointsToRewards - Make Money Online Today

    I have to check this out. It sounds really cool and easy to do. Also, $5 isn't too high of a payout limit and it shouldn't be too hard to get there. Thanks for telling me about this, I'll get back at you guys and I'll let you know how it worked out for me.
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    How Many Money Making Websites Do You Use?

    Yeah, I should do that. I'm not on many different ones, so if the site goes down, I literally have no other ways of making money. I mean, I know a few other sites, but I don't use them.
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    What Websites Do You Write For?

    Currently, I'm writing for 4 sites. I honestly don't make TOO much, but it's enough for me to buy stuff that I want online.
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    How did you earn your first dollar on the web?

    Surveys. I made about a total of like $30 through doing that but it took too much time so now I write for money and make about $30 a month, but it's way more fun than doing surveys.
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    What are some sites that are scams

    If you ever see a $200-$300 a day thing on the internet, trust me, 100% it's a scam. Unless you do something illegal, then I don't think you can ever make that type of money on the internet. Most I've ever made is $90 in a day and that was a one-time thing.
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    Making Money From Nothing?

    Yeah, you don't need money to start making money online, but there's a lot of programs where you can invest and you can make that money back and more within a short amount of time. You can make little money, $1 a day with about 30 minutes a day, starting from $0.
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    How Many Money Making Websites Do You Use?

    I use 2. One for writing and I make about $1 a day and one for answering poll questions where I get $1 for each question I answer but you don't get them everyday. Sometimes 2 a day, sometimes 2 a week.
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    Have you heard of

    Not bad. However, how long did it take you to make that amount. If like a week, then I don't think that's too good of a program. I mean, it's easy money since you don't have to do much but if it's not that much money...
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    In this website, you make $1 per question that you answer. They randomly send you questions through email at random points of the week/month and every question you answer gets you $1 (one question takes less than 30 seconds to complete) If you're interested, sign up here: REF LINK :) ...
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    How much do you make per day on PostLoop?

    How much do you guys make daily on PostLoop? The most I've ever made is like $2.56 which was like 3 days ago. I usually make like $1-$1.35 though.
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    Is Bubblews down for me only or for everyone ?

    Anyone have any success stories with Bubblews? I've been wanting to try it out, but I've heard people only make like $0.10 a day or something. Not sure if that's true, though.
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    What are your favorite online money making websites?

    PostLoop is my favorite. If I try really hard, I can make over $2 a day (for me that's not bad since all I do is buy video games with that money, haha) and if not, I can make $1 or like $1.35 a day or something.
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    Similar websites to Postloop ?

    I might try Slicethepie. What's the minimum cash out? If it's like $5 or something, I'll definitely try it out since I love music!
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    Slicethepie - How much have you earned with it?

    Seems pretty cool, but for that, I might as well write a post and make like $0.05 from it. Seems easier and it takes less time.
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    Making money by blogging without AdSense

    There are a lot of different programs, but trust me, AdSense is the best one. Money wise AND easiness wise.
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    Making Money From Nothing?

    If you invest into sites like Neobux, you can make good money. For example, if you invest $50, you will make that back in a few weeks.
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    Your favorite way of making money online?

    Sweet! How much do you make per day? I've been making about $1.35 a day solely off of writing, but yesterday I actually made $2.35ish.
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    Do You Share How You Make Money with Your Real Life Friends & Family?

    If they ask, I tell them. I just say that I write for money and sometimes they ask how much I make and I just say like 10 bucks a week. It's just small talk.
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    Never tried it before, and I don't know if I want to. Usually sites that are legit have pretty good customer support, so I don't know. Heck, even SOME illegit sites have good customer support.