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  1. DiezeLEarn

    Whatsapp marketing tool

    Hey guys, Which tool should I choose for Whatsapp or SMS marketing? A tool where I can import around 11K phone numbers. Thanks in advance!
  2. DiezeLEarn

    Sending TikTok event data with Events API

    Hey man, what is the {ttp} callback parameter stand for? I can't get it to work. Thanks!
  3. DiezeLEarn

    Affiliate publisher? do THIS every day

    HQ content guys, thanks.
  4. DiezeLEarn

    Tiktok Ads - Leadgen Campaigns

    I don't think so. I have not tried Betting so far. Maybe you should? I own an Agency account so let me know if you need something. Cool! True, it's because not that many advertisers running ads on TikTok and the ones that are successful at it are quiet about it. They just don't need the CPC...
  5. DiezeLEarn

    Tiktok Ads - Leadgen Campaigns

    Hey Guys, Since I'm testing different leadgen angles on Tiktok Ads for a couple of months now I was wondering if more media buyers are using TikTok Ads nowadays. Let's combine our knowledge and milk TikTok like we used to do with Facebook :). Best, DiezeL
  6. DiezeLEarn

    Looking For Direct Crypto Advertisers

    What is the traffic source?
  7. DiezeLEarn

    Mass tort pay per call - Google Ads

    I agree, but that is why we are using small surveys on our prelanders.
  8. DiezeLEarn

    Mass tort pay per call - Google Ads

    Hey guys, I'm currently looking into Mass tort offers like Talcum powder, Hernia Mesh and Zantac and I was wondering who of you guys already run these kind of offers? The payouts are amazing ($150+ per +- 120 seconds). We are currently building prelanders and we expect to start running this...
  9. DiezeLEarn

    Open rate 60%+ but 0 clicks on CTA

    Thanks for your response. The sample is not free so I don't want to use these kinds of texts :). The button is clickable. Meanwhile I received 3 clicks (1 from myself) so far. I find it very strange that people subscribe for samples, they receive email with how to redeem it and they don't click...
  10. DiezeLEarn

    Open rate 60%+ but 0 clicks on CTA

    Hey Aff-fixers, I'm currently running some tests with emailing marketing. After running multiple different niches, offers, sales letters etc, I decided to try an offer I run for years on Facebook Ads. The open rate is pretty good (60% or more) but I have literally 0 clicks on the CTA button...
  11. DiezeLEarn

    I Have Already Earned $42 Today!

    Great job! What traffic source do you use?
  12. DiezeLEarn

    Would you like to join a profitable affiliate network ?

    Spamming will make your business grow, you totally get it! Goodluck!
  13. DiezeLEarn

    Running Sweeps + Facebook Ads: Next Step?

    Hey Fellow Affiliates, I'm testing different campaigns/offers now for about 4 weeks now and after a lot of testing I found an offer that is converting pretty well. Stats: 12 Nov 2019 - 39 clicks - 8 Conversions - $24 revenue €11,43 = $12,6 Profit: 24 - 12,6 = $11,4 13 Nov 2019 (I raised...
  14. DiezeLEarn

    Hey, I'm Zodiac

    Welcome! I'm also dutch so if you want to get in touch with me, just send me your skype username.
  15. DiezeLEarn

    How to make expanded text ads on Adwords for Pay Per Call campaigns

    Hello, Like my title is saying, I'm searching for someone who can help me with how to make Expanded text ads for my Pay per call camps on Adwords. I want to pump up my conversion rate. -DiezeL
  16. DiezeLEarn

    [journey]TO instagram From RUSSIA <3

    Insane stats, haha. I will follow this journey!
  17. DiezeLEarn

    [journey]TO instagram From RUSSIA <3

    Marked! I will follow this one ;) EDIT: One question, are you going to manually set these accounts up?
  18. DiezeLEarn

    Ask Me Anything Bing PPC Help Center

    Hey Guys! My bing ads campaign started running roughly 12 hours ago. Now, I have like 3.5K impressions and only 7 clicks. Thats a little low right?
  19. DiezeLEarn

    Ask Me Anything Bing PPC Help Center

    Hey guys, Today I started with Bing Ads by making my first Landing page, simple but HQ. To be sure I spoke to the bing ads support to see if my website was okay with the guidelines of bing. The women I spoke to said I have to add a disclaimer. Does anyone know where or how I can get one? -DiezeL
  20. DiezeLEarn

    BING PPC Journey. Won't Stop Till I Profit!

    Looks nice! I will follow your journey as I'm also making my first steps in the BING Ads world. However I have a question for you: How do you get your LP accepted by bing ads? Mine are getting declined because they say 'its a Website with a big button that leads to a whole other (cpa) website'