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  1. strata12123


    Has anyone here tried NerdBux yet? Does it look legit so far? Would you recommend it? Would you invest on it?
  2. strata12123

    Attract People to Your Website

    What do you usually put on your website that are effective ways in attracting people?
  3. strata12123

    Question about MTurk

    Are there really more mini-jobs in other countries compared to most countries? How do you usually pick which ones are good to do?
  4. strata12123

    Question about Google+

    Why is Google+ gaining less traction and is less popular than Twitter and Facebook?
  5. strata12123

    One Word Game

    In this thread: We make a story using one word per post I'll start... _____________________________ There
  6. strata12123

    Calling or Texting

    When talking to someone over the phone, do you prefer calling or texting? And whichever you prefer, why?
  7. strata12123

    Alternative to Facebook and Twitter

    What other social networking sites are on par with Facebook and Twitter which are useful for promoting blogs/websites?