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  1. Ben jones

    Best CRM Online Software 2016?

    I've been using Zoho CRM and loving it. I was using HubSpot's but found Zoho much simpler to use. Plus can integrate with Zoho email and Zoho projects which made things much easier. Salesforce I found complicated for some reason even though its one of the more popular ones.
  2. Ben jones

    Hello Everyone!

    You definitely learn a lot here. Since I joined I have found so much valuable info and it comes in daily.
  3. Ben jones

    Which is the Best Platform?

    Being a website designer the majority of my clients have come from Instagram funnily enough. Instagram is for more visual things where as if I was selling a product I would go with facebook.
  4. Ben jones

    Wordpress' closest rival?

    I think Joomla or drupal is their most common rivals and they're basically the same in terms of functionality. I still think WordPress has more features for the website with all the plugins and themes. Still all great though.
  5. Ben jones

    Selling Website designer can build you a professional website that converts.

    I am a freelance website designer based in England UK. For this forum only I am offering a simple website design and build to kickstart your career. A one time fee of £199 will get you A Home page designed how you want it simple SEO to get you started a contact form integrated A blog page...
  6. Ben jones

    Basic Instagram Marketing Tips

    I tried this thing on instagram where it sends automated messages to new followers. I know most people will avoid this like the plague but this got me some good traffic and new business. Mentioning they check my link in bio worked wonders.
  7. Ben jones

    Quality vs Quantity

    I agree with what Marc says above. Go with whats working. Why change if youre making money.
  8. Ben jones

    What social media site works best?

    My success has come from twitter compared to the other social networks. Facebook was great until they changed their algorithms and now its harder to reach people.
  9. Ben jones

    [Newbie] Starting my own journey!

    HVe you tried any other free traffic methods other than Facebook and YouTube ?? Would love to hear more
  10. Ben jones

    My first experience in mobile traffic

    I second the comment above .
  11. Ben jones

    Newbie:) from Australia

    Welcome to a great forum where everyone is here to help out
  12. Ben jones

    Is CPA Marketing easier for newbies than Affiliate Marketing?

    I think CPA marketing is good but like someone said above you do need abit of money to go that route . Find yourself a good offer and work on that
  13. Ben jones

    Selling Helping businesses grow their success

    Looking for business owners not getting the results they want from there business site . I am a professional web designer and can work improving conversion and increasing ROI .
  14. Ben jones

    Marketing Professional

    Welcome . You'll find some great stuff here
  15. Ben jones

    Hello folks, I run an email marketing platform

    Sometimes it just makes things a lot easier . I personally design them myself but I can see why some wouldn't
  16. Ben jones

    Last Movie You Watched??

    James bond - Casino royale . Not a bad movie
  17. Ben jones Scam?

    I've never bothered with them but I don't tend to use sites without checking them out first
  18. Ben jones

    How Can I Improve My Blog Post Rank in Google Search?

    Keep working on building your blog up consistently. about 2 posts a week full of keywords you want to rank for. Interesting meta titles and descriptions and content which is shareable . Do all that and youll be well on your way