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    What was the first network you got paid from and how much was it?

    Really interested in this, share here.
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    I've seen them about a lot lately, but how do theyre offers work and do people make much with them?
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    Quite simply how do I send emails?

    I have lists and I have money and offers. But how do I take a list and email them if they aren't on any sort of list management platform like aweber?
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    Is anyone getting away with it on Adwords or BING?

    SO after reading in here I see they don't really allow affiliates, is anyone getting away with it and making money on there?
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    What do I NEED in my email signature?

    So reading about CANSPAM rules what are the essentials I need to put in my footers?
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    Facebook ads...

    Is it better to send traffic internally to a post about my offer or send external straight to the offer? thanks
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    Does G+ help your natural rankings?

    I was just reading about how good google plus can be, does it help your natural rankings tho?
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    How do you find your niches?

    Just interested in how people are finding unique and converting niches for PPD etc?
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    Sitescout min deposit?

    What is it on sitescout anyone? Is it newbie friendly?
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    Does affiliate marketing have a future?

    After reading I was wondering if everyone thinks affiliate marketing has a strong future etc?
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    Easiest social platform to grow big profiles?

    I'm after some advice on whats the easiest platform to gain big pages and followers etc? tumblr?
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    Do you always make your pages responsive?

    Just wondering, who makes their pages responsive for mobile? or do you send to a specific mobile page? Tips please