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  1. poulami

    Gold Seo Techniques 2014 - 2016

    Important seo techniques are: 1. Create high quality content 2. Content Promotion 3.Doing social 4. Blog commenting 5. Social bookmarking 6. Directory submission,etc.
  2. poulami

    How to increase Page Rank?

    You may increase your page rank by following these few important steps: 1. Use long tail keywords 2. Perform a competitive analysis 3. Concentrate more on keywords than competition 4. Avoid duplicate content 5. Focus on meta title, keywords and descriptions,etc.
  3. poulami

    What SEO tools you use?!

    There are many free seo tools available in the search engines: 1. Copyscape 2. Title and Description Optimization Tool 3. Image SEO Tool, etc.
  4. poulami

    how to find keywords for a campaign on Facebook ads

    1. You can find the keyword that are related with your Facebook ads 2. Organize your keyword research.
  5. poulami

    What ads get the best CTR?

    1. Heavy text banners 2. Overrated calls to action 3. Free products usually works 4. Adding your price on your banner kills click through. These were some of the tips by following which your ads can get best CTR.
  6. poulami

    Gold Seo Techniques 2014 - 2016

    Many popular and useful on page and off page SEO techniques are there.Some of them are: 1. Image Optimization 2.SEO Friendly Url 3. Quality Content 4. Interesting and Brief to read 5. Use Headings 6. Focus on Keywords 7. Related Meta Description
  7. poulami

    What SEO tools you use?!

    There are many free SEO tools such as: 1. Copyscape 2. Image seo tool 3. Title and description optimization tool 4. Robots.txt Generator, etc.
  8. poulami

    How to start with PPC (Facebook/7Search/Bing) using CPA Offers?

    Landing page is needed when you promote CPA because landing page helps to attract people and click through your offers.
  9. poulami

    High volume PPC networks?

    I think Google Adsense is the best.
  10. poulami

    Search Engine Optimization or Pay Per Click.Please suggest which one is better?

    Please help to figure out that which one is the best among SEO and PPC.