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  1. Sanshez

    How to target well on organic?

    Hi everyone, i read some good threads here about organic traffic, but i still can't understand how to target right groups on social media like Facebook, how to join groups related to our offers, i still don't understand how it can be done, cause i know we only have access to news of people who...
  2. Sanshez

    Newbies taking act!!

    Hi everyone, i know many people like me with only a newbies experience, don't know that there are a lot of tools to help running great campaigns, with minimum external assistance, and this is a fact that keeps slowing many people out there, and keeps them wavering to start taking act and making...
  3. Sanshez

    how is it possible to manage Facebook?

    Hi everyone, i'm very confuse today, cause i read a lot of threads over here, to try to build my knowledge, but still i think i'm missing something! i mean i've been reading threads about which are the best traffic source for mobile, and i guest Facebook is the one that is the more recommended...
  4. Sanshez

    need some advice

    hello marketers, i just started some months ago, on a mobile ads that i'll not mention here, but really i faced big problems when it came every time to do some good analyses on my campaigns, and when i started looking well, i just discovered that they do have a lot of bots on the traffic, so now...