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  1. AstroBoss

    Clicks not showing on Affiliate Network

    Run some tests on this, optimize some of your verticals, and see what goes on.
  2. AstroBoss


    you are welcome on the forum, i'm scared no one could tell you which one could get you that exact money you are looking at, so what i'll suggest you is to go for something you really are savvy on, so that you could get it work good.
  3. AstroBoss

    ola guys

    You are welcome onboard Nick Aivix!
  4. AstroBoss


    Try to learn on promoting mobile offers, affiliate marketing, the required budget is kinda low, so it is accessible to all.
  5. AstroBoss

    Need help

    I feel you man, what i will suggest you will be to learn on some tools like landing page builders, but also spying-tools, that could help you out with this. You could for instance use a spy-tool to help you out running your tests, but also as their name stipulates, spy on marketers doing the...
  6. AstroBoss

    Came back to cpa with 2000$ in budget, need Help guyes ??!

    so you need to try to get each of those on your list, and if you got any question point it here, we gonna try as well as possible to help!
  7. AstroBoss

    Hi everyone!

    You are welcome on the Affiliatefix Liia!
  8. AstroBoss

    Nice to find this site

    You are welcome on the place dude, wish you luck on the forum.
  9. AstroBoss

    Came back to cpa with 2000$ in budget, need Help guyes ??!

    Honestly, you got a good budget there to start it over, you better try to figure out what type pof offers you can promote and start learning about it, the tools that could be helpful for this, and start it!
  10. AstroBoss

    Review Today I just realized I have Earned myself $9480.38 from what i completely ignored 9 months Ago!

    Congratulation on this, but you got to pick up the money and get away with it!
  11. AstroBoss

    Need help

    Hello dude, could you say more about this? for example what are you trying to promote exactly?
  12. AstroBoss

    For Newbie --> Niche , Affiliate Network, Traffic Source

    Hey buddy, this is a hell of thread here, first, welcome to the forum, for all you mentioned above here, i'll like to suggest you to look out on the forum, you could find enough resources able to help you out on this project, so go ahead, and good luck!
  13. AstroBoss


    i got it now thanks!
  14. AstroBoss

    What is best traffic sources for cpa marketing ?

    Really dude, this hardly depends on what offer you want to put out there, all traffic are deifinitely good, unless you place the good offer on it!
  15. AstroBoss

    Anyone has Nutra\ Diet banners \ creatives EN?

    You should better use a spy-tool to help you out with this issue dude, try something like Admobispy out!
  16. AstroBoss

    A Newbie from China

    you are realy welcome on the forum Kee!
  17. AstroBoss


    You are welcome on the forum wasiu okunola.
  18. AstroBoss

    How to get more traffic for certain countries?

    well dude i can see you do have a tracker yeah, but a spy-tool will not perform the same function as a tracker if you know!? So i guess it could be helpful for you to merge a spy system on this campaign and try to have more analytics on the traffic that could be convenient, and more!
  19. AstroBoss


    I don't really understand this dude?