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  1. treebark

    How would you use this?

    I have $100 in Bing ads credit and $50.00 in 7Search credit, how would you use them to make money?
  2. treebark

    How can I make money from PPC?

    I have $100 for Bing Ads and $50 in 7search, how can I use it to make money.
  3. treebark

    Feedback Newsletter Feedback.

    I don't think I received any, not sure. So no to everything else!
  4. treebark

    Howdy everybody

    E-mail marketing
  5. treebark

    Who is your host?

    I have never heard of HawkHost. I see they are much cheaper than hostgator. I think I'll give them a try.
  6. treebark

    Howdy everybody

    How to make $100 a day! :) No, seriously, I am open to anything.
  7. treebark

    Howdy everybody

    I am earning nothing at present. I was earning $200 plus a month until penguin and panda took it away. I don't ever want to hear the term SEO again! I am a decent writer and good at communicating. I was obviously pretty good at building backlinks.
  8. treebark

    Blog Money Making

    Here is the thing, " how long until I start making money" it depends on your niche. It also depends big time on how your website converts. How many different ways are you monetizing your site. Does your site convert visitors into money. All the traffic in the world will not help a site that...
  9. treebark

    20 Traffic Ideas

    Try Rebel Mouse!
  10. treebark

    An Affordable and High-Generating Email List Building Plugin

    What is the name of the plugin?
  11. treebark

    how edit blogger theme

    How did you get blogger to host your domain? I am having a helluva time!
  12. treebark

    Howdy everybody

    I have a fulltime job and am attempting making money online.
  13. treebark

    How You Can Be Making Money Blogging Online

    The fact is a free report trumps an e-book every time. A 2 to 4 page report converts much better than the 32 page e-book!
  14. treebark

    [GUIDE] Video Method To Make $50+ A Day With Facebook Groups

    Is there any training at your website Are you suggesting I create five separate facebook accounts? I really don't understand the whole creating a gateway thing. What offer am I promoting?
  15. treebark

    Official CPA TEACHER [Deleted]

    Just signed up, please me
  16. treebark

    [CASE STUDY][PPC] : Simple Campaign That Make money easily - ROI ==> 1199%

    Did you get the $50? My account says 0 balance.
  17. treebark

    Is Twitter marketing still viable?

    I am interested in how this works out for you. I too have created a new twitter account. I have as of this minute 143 followers. I am following 683. I have had quite a bit of interaction with my followers. Retweets and mentions. I too realized that my interaction with twitter that I did not...
  18. treebark


    I have been around "Internet marketing" for a number of years. I finally started making between one and two hundred a month with ad words when panda and Penguin arrived. So I stopped about a year and a half ago. I have been reading and buying a couple of courses over that time. I just joined a...