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xOptimizer - Free During Beta

Automatic Optimization for Adult Display Campaigns

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    How does xOptimizer help you increase your profit?

    Delivering combined spend, revenue and more in one single dashboard.
    -Combines accurate spent, revenue and profit on a Campaign / Publisher / Spot / Ad group and Ad level. This way you know exactly where your money is going on a super granular level.
    -Traffic Source to tracker click difference. It’s super useful to keep your click-loss under control and avoid traffic sources over-charging you for clicks never sent.

    Rules to keep your campaigns performaning on autopilot
    -Pause underperforming Campaigns / Publishers / Ads / Spots when certain conditions are met ( cost > revenue etc etc )
    -Start profitable Campaigns / Publishers / Ads / Spots automatically (especially useful for delayed conversion postbacks)

    Improve your Campaigns results by
    -Automatically scaling your budgets up and down based on the actual campaign performance
    -Automatically set bids to match a percent of your EPC or ROI (to guarantee your profit margin)

    Keep up with the competition effortlessly
    -Consistently optimize your campaigns 24/7 even while you’re sleeping
    -Bidding aggressively during high competition hours regardless of the targeted geo time zone

    What traffic networks and ad formats does xOptimizer currently support?

    In this first beta release xOptimizer integrates with these traffic networks: ExoClick, TrafficJunky, TrafficForce and Traffic Stars. It supports all available display ad formats (banners and native).

    What makes xOptimizer auto-optimization better than the one provided by some traffic networks?

    Because traffic networks don’t have access to all the data in your tracker. Their optimization is done blindly by seing only half of the picture. On the other hand, xOptimizer aggregates tracker data and traffic source spent so it knows exactly what campaigns and placements are profitable for you. On top of that, xOptimizer has many advanced functinalities not present in any traffic sources like automatic bidding, automatic rules, smart dayparting and much more.
    Finally, xOptimizer integrates with all the major tracking platforms like Voluum, Thrive, FunnelFlux, Binom, RedTrack, Bemob and Adsbridge.