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WMDOLLCASH - WMDOLL® sex doll affiliate program Certified

The official affiliate program of China's leading TPE sex doll manufacturer WMDOLL®

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    • Net-30
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    • Paypal
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    [email protected]
    Join our affiliate program and start making big money Today!

    We convert single man traffic, especially for dating, webcam sex, VR porn and general porn. For the people, they are divorced man, otaku ((in Japan) a young person who is obsessed with computers or particular aspects of popular culture to the detriment of their social skills.), man lose wife living alone, man live in a different place and even wives get pregnant or wanna buy a doll for a threesome game with husband...Now you get the secret of how to promote:)

    We made 30,000+ dolls per year and ship them to all around the world. Our top reseller made over 10 million RMB ($1.6 million) in profit per year, find out the target traffic and make yours! See the story for some tips: Couple Who've Spent £20,000 On Sex Dolls Say Their Relationship Is 'Better than Ever'

    With WMDOLLCASH.COM affiliate link (bit.ly shortened version available) you can earn the highest industry commissions at 20% of product sale price. Our average doll sale is around $1500, so be ready to start earning up to $300 per sale!!!


    How To Get Started?
    You just need to send us an email via our contact form, telling us how are you planning to promote our products and what is your traffic and website. We will first check that you are a good fit for our affiliate program. Then we will send you the registration link and you may sign up and then login to get affiliate link, discount code and banners (or make your own!). The last, but simple step is to to place link, discount code or banners on your site and you will be ready to start making money!

    Note: If you do not like affiliate link, we can also generate your own discount code - it will help you to attract more potential buyers. There are a lot of ref links haters but everyone loves discounts and if somebody used your coupon during checkout - you'll be paid (if buyer is not connected to somebody else, of course). This way you need no links - just type our url and your coupon code and you're done. or You can also use your own discount link like http: //myhiddendoll.com/discount/yourdiscountcode to share your discount code (it will be automatically applied at the checkout page). A $50 OFF discount code get 18% commission.

    Note2: About GEO - we DO NOT SHIP to South Korea, Thailand, Egypt, Africa or Middle East Islamic countries. So it's useless to promote our stuff there.

    Note3: Cookie is active for 365 days, commission will be sent via Paypal monthly! (For example commission for Jan. will be send out 1st-5th March. We treat WMDOLLCASH.COM as a long term biz so let's make a long time money together.)

    Note4: You'll receive a notification every time a purchase is completed!

    Banner Samples:

    Any other questions, feel free to contact us via our contact form or email us: support (at) wmdollcash.com
    ICQ: 628018994 | Skype: wenzhang0828
    or chat with me via our shop's live chat app at Myhiddendoll.com lower right corner