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    Introducing webDOMinator version 4
    Automate your Methods. Multiply your Income.


    The Latest and Greatest version of your Favorite Social Network Bot is Here! I have completely re-vamped, re-thought and re-created the webDOM Bot and it's better than ever. webDOM 4 was build completely from scratch over a period of 2 years and it's a Huge. Version 4 is the culmination of 6 years of experience in providing social network automation software. It runs smoothly using the latest browsers, and even works on Mac OS.

    You still get the brilliant automation you always had, but with a much cleaner interface, and new great features that you will drool over.

    • Easy to use - You never even have to touch a script to get started with webDOM as our Plugins have everything you need for each site pre-built. We even built you a Task Wizard that walks you through building a task script by selecting options step by step.
    • More Plugins than ever - You have your choice of over 100 different pre-built plugins for over 100 different social networks, included with your subscription. See our big list of social networks to browse our plugins.
    • More Actions than ever - We have been stuffing the plugins for Christmas :) We've gone over many of them already and added as many actions as we could think of. We're taking advantage of the new and improved Scripting Engine to completely revolutionize the way you automate your social network profiles
    • Pre-Built Campaigns & Tasks - This is a new concept for webDOM. You will begin to see more and more pre-built campaigns and tasks to allow you to easily choose popular methods. Keep an eye out for this feature.
    • Customization to the Hilt - Don't like how webDOM does it out of the box? You can customize anything and everything that webDOM does through it's simple and efficient scripting language: Minion.
    • Easy Scripting - The Script Editor has a "Record" button, I bet you can't guess what that does ;)
    • CAPTCHA Solver Outsourcing - We've already included all the big solver services like DeCaptcher, DeathByCaptcha, etc. and can even add new services on request
    • Message Management - Create different sets of messages for different tasks. Take advantage of message randomization and spinning features you've come to love
    • List Management - Create lists of users, videos, hash tags, blog posts, URLs, any type of data a Social Network gives you, make a list of it. Then you can start automatically following, private messaging, commenting, liking, and auto-posting your way to the top
    • Account Switching - Create lists of different user accounts, and switch automatically between accounts on a Social Network. You can even assign proxies to your accounts and clear cookies automatically.
    • Automation Speed Control - Nobody wants their account banned. There are some marketers who don't care, but if you're trying to build a real following for a product, you need to keep your accounts. This is why webDOM gives you full control over the time it takes to perform each action. Go as fast or as slow as you want.
    • Multi-Threading - Perform multiple tasks simultaneously on the same network or across multiple networks. The only limit is your computer's memory.
    • Human Simulation - We've gone out of our way to make sure webDOM simulates human interaction with a website. It uses action randomization, random waits, and message spinning as well as other cool tricks so the admins will never know. This is completely optional as well. Like I said, if you want to go fast, you can. But every Social Network has speed limits.
    • Macro Controls - webDOM can use the mouse or keyboard to interact with a website. This marriage of our scripting engine with the brute force of macros makes webDOM able to do amazing things like file uploads, interact with flash objects (like flash chat rooms), etc.
    • Windows Control - Yes... CONTROL Windows software through webDOM scripts. webDOM uses a special way to interact with the interfaces of other software just like it does with the interface of websites. An example is the HMA! VPN Pro plugin, which automates connecting and changing IP's with the Hide My Ass VPN software.
    • Excellent Support - Talk directly to the developer. Support is included with your monthly subscription. I've been working with affiliate marketers using webDOM for six years. To report a bug, or request a feature or just plain chat about methods or life. You can contact me by skype, or via e-mail. You can even contact me directly on Affiliate Fix by sending me a message. I will even get on TeamViewer with you to walk you through whatever you'd like with webDOM.
    • Video Tutorials - We are constantly creating new video tutorials on different tasks, etc. and they are available in the Guide Section of our site as well as on Our Youtube Channel.
    • Always Evolving - We will never charge you to upgrade webDOM. We are constantly working to make webDOM better and fully realize the dream that is "the perfect social network automation platform". There are many plans for future expansion. Often times you will find weekly or monthly patches. We're pretty secretive about our plans though. New features are announced as they completed and ready for testing.


    A Campaign is the way to fully automate any tasks you need done right when webDOM starts. Here's a video on Creating your First Campaign.

    Alright, So what do I Really Get out of this?

    You are not just getting a piece of software, but you are gaining access to a whole new way to generate results. You are opening up a new world of opportunity for your project or for promoting your offers or just having more freedom in your life.

    I created the very first version of webDOM back in the winter of 2005 as a side project so I could promote my own music on Myspace (remember them?). I decided in 2007 to change the way I live and I started traveling the world.

    That January I went to Japan, and by chance, I met a Facebook developer at a hostel in Tokyo. I showed him my software and he thought it was cool. I was able to make a plugin for Facebook in 10 minutes while he watched. He went on to tell me that they had many more things planned. At the time, the only other thing you could do on FB besides send a message or add someone as a friend was the "poke" we all know and love.

    I decided that if I was going to keep up with them that I needed to make webDOM more dynamic, so over the next couple of years, I worked on expanding the software. In January of 2009 I opened webDOMbot.com and started open beta tests. I had been supporting my travel lifestyle only off of web development work I found here and there, but webDOM was about to change all of that.

    By the end of 2009 I was fully supporting myself using webDOM, and since then, my wonderful webDOM community has flourished. We are musicians, promoters, website owners, and affiliate marketers. We've all helped each other and we move mountains of traffic from social networks.

    I love the traveling lifestyle and webDOM allows me to keep it up. I know that it can help you reach your goals and make your dreams into reality. Let webDOM put a smile on your face :)


    14 Day Trial. No Credit Card Required.
    $19.99 / month per license after trial

    1 license per computer
    Discounts given for multi-month subscriptions.

    Exclusive Custom Plugins

    Looking at getting the edge on your competition? Do you have a method that works, but don't want to share? I have done affiliate marketing in the past, and I know how it is. You mention a method, and everyone starts to do it, then it generates less money and you're right back to where you started. That's why I offer exclusive customization. This means that I will customize or even create a new plugin for you and only you.

    Remember, webDOM can do anything. It's only limited by your imagination. If you want automatic account creation, e-mail creators, auto-responders, or anything you can think of as a feature in webDOM, but you want it only for yourself, contact me. Pricing varies depending on the difficulty involved.

    Scaling Up

    The more computers you have running webDOM, the more work can be completed in the same amount of time, across multiple accounts on multiple social networks.

    We now offer Bulk Discounts for monthly subscriptions. See our Bulk Registration page for details.

    If you're interested in scaling your campaigns up and would like to use a Virtual Private Cloud, please check out Amazon VPC. You can get the latest Windows 2012 r2 server on the free tier. Microsoft Azure is another known provider of Virtual Private Servers.

    Adult CPA

    We offer recently updated plugins to automate the top "tube" sites:
    If you are looking for a plugin for any other tube site or adult dating site, please contact me here or through my contact details above and I will be happy to set you up a plugin for any adult niche site.

    Get it Today

    Very soon, we are going to be making the community invite only. If you are interested in checking out webDOM, do so today, because I don't know how much longer beta testing will be open.

Recent Reviews

  1. Dario
    I can vouch for webDOMinator, seriously this software can automate anything on social sites. Personally I have seen results in first day of using this software, generated 200$~ only with trial(10 months of software license). If I would started today and have only 20$ in my pocket, I would invest it in WebDom. If you can`t make a single dime with this tool using only 14 days of trial, then you have some serious problems(no offense).