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VeloScan Software Affiliate Program

Multi-user, document scanning, OCR & workflow software for home or office

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    45% ongoing for 5 years
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    5 years
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    VeloScan is a multi-user, document scanning & OCR application with workflow & case management capabilities. It handles scanned paper documents, PDFs, PNGs & JPGs. It is designed for office environments but can be used at home too. Any office with a photocopier/scanner can use VeloScan. It can be downloaded and installed by the end user. No consultants are required. Training videos are on our website. Prices start from $132(AUD) for a single user up to $1,155(AUD) for 15 users (and more users if required).

    Our affiliate program is Pay-Per-Sale, and offers 45% for each sale you deliver, ongoing for 5 years. Ie. As long as the customer continues to pay their annual subscription, you will receive this commission percentage for the first 5 years of the customer's subscriptions. See the 'Payments' section in our Terms and Conditions (which are on our sign-up page) for more details.

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