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  1. Adrian Scott
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    30% & 10% Rebills Over 3 months
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    • Net-15
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    • Paypal
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    90 days
    [email protected]
    To our potential affiliates, we are looking forward to working with those who have traffic related to studies or education. Our target audience is INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS in high school, college, and universities from English-Speaking countries such as United States, Canada, Australia, and United Kingdom.

    Students order various academic papers like ESSAYS, RESEARCH PAPERS, TERM PAPERS, DISSERTATIONS, and ONLINE CLASSES.

    We employ more than 30 professional freelance academic writers to service their needs.

    We pay the highest rates to our writers and get an outstanding quality of work in return.

    Also, we can't fail to mention our reasonable 30% COMMISSION for the first sales to our affiliate partners.

    However, the amount of money our affiliates earn is determined by the amount of WORK, EFFORT, and TIME one puts into their marketing. This can be done through social media, content creation, paid advertising, and SEO marketing. The options are limitless since you can target students all over the place.

    Besides, we have created a wide range of promotional materials for our affiliates, and they include landing pages, links and keywords to help with target marketing.

    However, to access all of this material, one needs to JOIN OUR AFFILIATE program and LOG IN to their account.

    Within our affiliate dashboard area, an affiliate will have access to their affiliate accounts, links, tracking and earnings reports.

    Our affiliates get a lot of REBILLS and HIGH COMMISSIONS based on our favorable average order price on the market, $100, compared to our competitors.

    FOR EXAMPLE, if you became part of our affiliate team and fulfill the targeted traffic numbers, you are guaranteed of LUCRATIVE EARNINGS. To begin with, we'll assume you send us 100 unique targeted students per day. Based on our conversion rate, which would be 3-5%, assuming we work with 4% as the average, therefore, you will get an average of 4 NEW clients per day, or 120 NEW clients per month.

    As a result, your prospective earnings for one month (30 days) would be as per the calculations below;

    If the average order price is $100, So for 120 clients (30% affiliate commission from sale) means 120x (100x30%) which is equal to $3600.

    And don't forget about re-bills - your PASSIVE INCOME OVER THE NEXT 3 MONTHS!

    On average we have 3-5 re-bills per client. Let's take 3 as a minimum.

    Therefore, you get another 120x (100x10%) x3 which is equal to $3600.

    Since our customers are paying for their projects beforehand, you can withdraw your earnings as per your request, or hit the minimum payment threshold of $100. In addition, payments are sent out through PayPal.

    For more detailed information, please LOG IN to your account to the Affiliate Program section. If you have any questions, please contact us via email: [email protected]

    Send a brief information about you and your promotional methods to [email protected] and we will offer you a Partnership Program.