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Traffic Factory

The direct ad network & ad representative of XVideos.com & XNXX.com.

  1. Liudvikas Titas
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    Traffic Factory
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    Traffic Factory is an ad agency that specializes in selling premium quality adult traffic from all over the world. Our high quality filtering system allows each advertiser to buy traffic at a granular level, helping to increase conversions and allowing for a higher concentration of spend on the right users in our network.


    The TrafficFactory network generates billions of ad impressions daily. The sheer size of the TrafficFactory network allows advertisers to target users with finite granularity from all over the world and still generate high volumes of traffic. With a mix of desktop, smartphones, feature phones and tablet traffic, users connect to TrafficFactory’s network from all of the popular devices available on the market today.

    TrafficFactory offers two high conversion solutions for your online advertising campaigns:
    BANNERS - strategically placed in our network of sites

    POP UNDERS - triggered by the end user when they click play on a video

    Our innovative Real Time Bidding system allows advertisers to bid for placement with a number of banner spots which are sold via CPC and one very lucrative with pop under zone which is sold via CPM.


    Traffic Factory is the direct and exclusive advertising representative of of such top publishers as:


    Targeting and campaign features

    Device targeting

    In our network you will be able to choose targeting for such devices as:

    Feature phone
    Windows phone


    Our GEO-targeting option will allow advertisers target users based on their country, region/state, or Cityl.


    Want to be able to target users by a specific category? Do you have a niche product that will only be of interest to a smaller set of users in our network? TrafficFactory has added the ability to filter your campaign by the category the user is most interested in.

    Self service features

    We take a great level of care with the traffic we send to advertisers. Our banners and pop unders use a combination of metrics which filter out traffic that brings the quality of the traffic down. This will help insure that advertisers get the traffic that converts for them from every possible target. That’s over 100,000 combinations of countries, devices, and categories.

    Advertisers can choose the time of day that works for them by using our day parting feature. Find the right time of day to advertise your campaign is just another way that TrafficFactory helps allow the advertiser to optimize their campaigns.

    You will have 100% control over your budget. We allow you to setup a daily spend for each campaign. We will send you traffic across the day which will help you spread out your spend. You can also cap your campaigns spend which many advertisers find helpful when testing a new product. If we need to, we will refund your accounts balance no questions asked.

    For more information feel free to contact us or download our media kit from Traffic Factory - Media Kits.