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Tracking software for affiliates, integrated with over 1000 affiliate and ad networks

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    100% Free version available and 4 paid versions - Scaling up with Traffic
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    TrackingDesk is a cloud based tracking and campaign management software for affiliates. Whether you are a PPV marketer, SEM specialist or Social Media Marketer, you will find all the required tools to achieve the best possible ROI and make every click count!

    Our approach is to provide an enterprise level business application to new and experienced affiliates, while keeping the technical barriers in the background, so YOU can focus on building the best possible marketing campaigns rather than struggle with complex setups.

    Top features:
    • Affiliate technologies integrations - Predefined parameters & Postback URL's for any programs running on HasOffers, Cake Marketing, LinkTrust & CellXpert.
    • Affiliate programs integrations - Popular affiliate networks such as Mundomedia, Peerfly, Maxbounty, ClickBank, cj.com, glispa.
    • Ad networks integrations - Over 50, including 50onred, trafficvance, adsupply, adcash, adwords, bing, leadimpact and adding more every week.
    • Auto targeting rules based on Geo, Device, Manufacturer, language, date, hours, days
    • Type of traffic - PPC, PPV, SEO, Mobile, Native, Social
    • Funnels & Direct linking campaigns
    • Smart fallback campaign - One click to enable your fallback for geo/device mismatch traffic.
    • Multiple conversion steps - Setup offers with multiple conversion steps - CPL, CPA, CPS, CPI
    • API Integration with any HasOffers' affiliate program - Import thousands of offers in seconds.
    Watch the integration with Hasoffers:

    Our integrated approach allows you to never have to deal with custom variables and setting up manually postback URL or tracking parameters. Everything is predefined and our team works with you if you want to add a custom ad network or affiliate network.
    Our cloud based infrastructure runs on Google Cloud and Amazon Web Service which provides the most secure and scalable infrastructure available on the market.
    Extensive documentation updated on a regular basis so you can learn about tracking, improve your skills and master your marketing.


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Recent Reviews

  1. Latifab
    I am very satisfied using Trackingdesk, has a great platform very easy to use, and the support is amazing replies fast and very helpful.
    1. trackingdesk
      Author's Response
      Thanks Latifa!
  2. Crownstone
    TrackingDesk is just a life saver.. I was going mad because all the other trackers I tried weren't tracking my conversions for two good weeks!

    I gave trackingdesk a trial and that same day their support rectified and helped me set up my capaigns.

    The icing on the cake; I discovered 3 KWs that weren't in my KW list initially through trackingdesk
  3. affilirant
    Recently joined TD and its an excellent tracking platform, no postback setting up that you get with other trackers, this is simple yet full of features. I do recommend everyone try it out its free to signup.
  4. Bolo
    Now thats good stuff. These reviews are true, killer support from Laurent and his team, He just spent an hour with me helping out a ton. Get the demo and sign up free. Very easy set up ,no links/postback etc just clicks. I struggle with tracking (used to ) so this is a gift. Try it 4 sure .
  5. Marco Acero
    Marco Acero
    Excellent tracking platform, definitely one of the top contenders. I especially like its integration with hasOffers and other technologies through API, so no need to spend time setting up postbacks ;) Laurent and team provide great service and I've heard they have some nice features coming soon.
  6. Josef Cpa
    Josef Cpa
    good tracker
  7. Yol
    Awesome and cool support staff.. If you stumble whether small or complicated tracking issues, Laurent will always be on the rescue.. I always felt that I am the only one being served by Laurent amidst number of clients trackingdesk have - that is how they give importance to helping their clients.

    I truly appreciate the time spent by Laurent helping our campaign even though we are still using his tracking software for free at the moment..

    Sign up now for free - there is nothing to lose.. you will thank me for sure!
  8. mminsk
    Excellent tracking and analytics software. If you're not a highly technical person, this gem was made for you. Predefined advertisers and publishers, easy setup and integration. Support is very helpful and responsive.
  9. Jeff_Z
    Great, flexible product with outstanding support from Laurent and his team.