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The 6 Week Affiliate Mastery Challenge

The Ultimate Walkthrough to Affiliate Media Buying

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    Affiliate Mastery Challenge
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    iStack, the industry-leading team behind STMForum and Affiliate World Conferences are proud to present :

    The 6 Week Affiliate Mastery Challenge
    Foundation + Acceleration

    In a world crowded with pumped up gurus selling low-value info products, The 6 Week AMC stands alone as the most effective way to learn and master the foundational skills of affiliate media buying.

    Students of the 6WAMC can expect 6 weeks of hyper relevant, step-by-step video instruction, delivering all the foundational elements of affiliate media buying, including competitive research, offer evaluation, tech setup, and advanced optimization techniques. Each unit comes with up-to-the-minute case studies showing how our tactics drive results.

    6WAMC's Biggest Differentiator? Next Level, Fully Live Support

    We know that when learning a new skill, an unanswered question at the wrong time can derail your momentum and affect your motivation. That's why our AMC experts are there to answer your questions in real-time. 6WAMC's support connects students with our team of affiliate marketing experts in a live chatting environment. Our teachers have been part of our community for years and each is dedicated to the notion that anyone with a work ethic and a passion for marketing can master the skills necessary to make a very good living with Affiliate Marketing.

    Introducing: All-Star Acceleration Modules

    For the first time ever, AMC's foundational course is offering a massive bonus. 6WAMC: Foundation + Acceleration has partnered with several of the industry's biggest names to provide additional value by offering Acceleration Modules. In these short additions to the course, we bring you best selling influencers sharing their most valuable tactics:

    Ezra Firestone - Breaking Into E-Commerce
    Drew Eric Whitman - Copywriting for Any Screen
    FB Queen - Facebook Staying Power
    Hugh Hancock - Automation Bootcamp
    Tom Claflin - Mobile Native Blueprint

    These All-Star Acceleration Modules close out the 6 Week AMC, providing students who've mastered the foundations of affiliate media buying the opportunity to "choose their own adventure." Each All-Star Module provides an exciting option to accelerate their affiliate marketing career.
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