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The 1 Week Diet - Brand New Weight Loss Program For 2019!

Kick-start 2019 with Clickbank's newest #1 weight loss offer!

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    The 1 Week Diet
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    Are you ready to kickstart 2019 by making some serious cash?

    I’m not talking about a couple hundred bucks a day….I’m talking about thousands of dollars coming in directly to your account every single day passively. Get ready, because this is BIGGER THAN BITCOIN!

    From the guys that brought you The Fat Decimator and The 2 Week Diet, comes one of the BIGGEST launches in Clickbank history.

    This one is the GAME CHANGER.

    So, what is the product called?

    The 1 Week Diet

    What does it do?

    It is a weight loss system that involves a couple of key ancient Japanese principles that will lead to fast and effective weight loss that delivers results as quick as in 1 week in a healthy and lasting way.

    How much does it cost and how much do I get?

    The initial product is priced at $37, however there are 4 upsells for which you get 75% on all of them. Given this, you can easily earn over $200 per a customer you send.

    If you can deliver super large volume, we’d be willing to increase your commission to 90%.

    How do I know this converts?

    Here's some stats from the past week in our preliminary testing showing just how easily this thing converts.


    Tell me more about some stats?

    Testing has shown this converting at 1 initial sale for every 18 hops on both cold and warm traffic. That is better than 5% conversion rate, so you know this is HOT!

    So if you want to start making some easy coin, you need to start promoting The 1 Week Diet

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    We have so many resources available for you to make it as easy as possible…

    … banners… press releases… customer reviews!

    … videos… pre-sell content… articles!

    … email swipes… keywords… and more!

    You name it!

    No stone was left unturned to make sure you have the promotional material necessary to sell this product easily.

    And every promotion is just “copy & paste” taking all the stress and struggle out of the affiliate marketing equation.

    This opportunity is massive. Most people who want to lose weight try a different weight loss product up to 5 times a year.

    However, the people who are most serious about losing weight make a decision to do something about it as the year begins to end, and thoughts of all those goals and resolutions linger...

    So we’re striking while the iron is hot.

    Nearly one-third of the population wants to shed pounds… and…this offer gives them a healthy way to do it.

    But if you wait too long you’ll get lost in the shuffle.

    Like all great opportunities getting in early is a big key to success.

    Now’s the time to crank things up.

    Follow our blueprint to success, use the killer affiliate marketing tools at your disposal and you’ll soon be getting nice fat checks from Clickbank.

    Maybe the fattest checks you’ve ever received.

    With the potential to get an EPC as high as $4 per click…

    With the potential to earn up to $200 per lead…

    And with the mass appeal this hot offer has for millions of people who want a simple and healthy way to lose weight…

    This could be your ticket to “Easy Street.”

    But it’s only going to happen if you hop on board so…

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    To more and bigger commissions,