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TextMagic - Bulk SMS Service for Business

Earn 20% revenue with every single purchase customer makes

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    SMS Affiliate Program
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    TextMagic is a business text-messaging service for sending notifications, alerts, reminders, confirmations and SMS marketing campaigns.

    Refer customers to TextMagic using SMS Affiliate Program and earn 20% revenue with every single purchase they make and 2% for coupon websites. Referred customers will bring you income forever and this offer has no time limitations.

    The latest stats from TextMagic:

    • Average order value: $64.5
    • Conversion rate from trial to paid: 28.37%
    • Average customer lifetime value: $597.2
    • Average number of lifetime orders per customer: 9-10 orders
    • Average period from initial order to second order: 12 days
    • Conversion rate from initial order order to second order: 51.75%
    What do I need to do to become an affiliate?
    Not much – you just need to join TextMagic SMS affiliate program and then include your affiliate link in your posts, emails, or website banners. If someone registers using your link you will earn 20% of the total value of that user’s transactions.

    Does a purchase have to happen immediately?
    No! Shareasale.com uses API tracking and cookies to track referrals. Whenever a visitor registers using your affiliate link, that user is marked as referred by you and when they buy you earn 20%, even if the purchase happens later.