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Supersonic's Referral Program - App Developers

Invite Mobile App developers to sign up and earn $$$

  1. Daniel Bernhardt
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    Supersonic's Referral Program
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    • Paypal
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    [email protected]
    Earn Cash with Supersonic’s Referral Program!
    Supersonic is excited to launch its Referral Program! Invite Mobile developers to sign up to Supersonic, and receive 50$ into your paypal account once they start running campaigns!

    Why is this the best referral program you can use?
    Because we want you to make money!
    To help you generate more signups we included a special media kit with a designated landing page and banners so you can offer $120 bonus to whoever signs up with your link.

    Use the media kit to advertise on your blog, social media channels, email and etc.

    The more signups you refer the more money you earn. The potential is unlimited!


    Sign up to become a Supersonic Ambassador and start making money!


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