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Soda Media

RTB Advertising Network - it POPS!

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    Soda Media
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    • PPC
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    • Mobile
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    Soda Media is a real-time bidding advertising platform based in the heart of Berlin, Germany. Built with the best technology on the market today and nurtured by battle-tested industry veterans, our platform sets high standards for quality and value, both for advertisers and publishers.

    We are focused only on premium worldwide audience, carefully curated through a set of publishing channels, both on desktop and mobile. Our pinpointed live targeting, combined with complex anti-fraud algorithms and sophisticated control and monitoring tools, help us deliver refreshingly efficient results to our advertisers.

    Our company values its publishers and strives to maintain long-term, fruitful partnerships with every single one of them. We provide some of the best eCPMs on the market, seamless integration, smart dashboard for real-time control and high-quality, targeted ads from top companies and brands.


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