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  1. samsc
    It's the first affiliate program I've joined. Super friendly managers, helped me a lot with the first campaign. I didn't expect such fast results. Thanks!
  2. T J Tutor
    T J Tutor
    Great Network!
    Awesome offers too!
  3. BO87
    A total waste of time and money. Here is my story. I've been signed up for a month and a half I run adult offers fro FR and I wanted to try it out because the "forums" said that the platform was fine. Good at first. They take good care of me, answer all my questions and I decide to try. Without going long on the details. I put in $100 and they charged me a commission of $32.62 so my $100 stayed at $67.38. Great. The account tells me I'll get a refund, as a gesture. I'm still waiting. The first test failed without anyone telling me why. I had to threaten to leave and contact technical support to get someone to help me

    My account was increasingly conspicuous by its absence. Finally, I arranged to take another test. Without success. No attempt on their part to solve anything. I asked for my money back. For FR, at least, it's not even worth trying.

    For FR, at least, it's a waste of time and money
  4. POLYA
    easy platform, good volume, good price, for my geos it works ok
  5. Chillrunner
    That a good adnetwork to buy some traffic (I have already tried 5 push networks). Since december the traffic quality has increased and so did my conversion rates. That means Datspush cleaned up all the bots. Stats are shown OK, fastly refreshed.
  6. Wkids
    Now LosPollos is not counting conversions. So try if want to loose money.
  7. Katewb
    i know this network, had some experience with them, they have quite big amount of geos and offers, can recommend
    1. LeadGid
      Author's Response
      Kateweb, thank you for the great feedback. We try really hard to provide a good service and are really happy to hear that you enjoyed it!
  8. Hassan Kenny
    Hassan Kenny
    nice affiliate tool for newbies
    1. Advertalb
      Author's Response
      Thank You
  9. Arasan
    Pay Pal is a free registration site,user friendly and efficient.The transaction fees are reasonable. Its a best alternative to credit card transaction.i would strongly recommend to all users
  10. AniAffiliate
    best affiliate network
  11. Abdulkareem Mujidat
    Abdulkareem Mujidat
    Provide great value. well done Frank