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  1. jacksonprom
    Best revshare! 50% share from every first sale. Real deal!
  2. Brett Wright
    Brett Wright
    I have been working with Affrevenue for several months now, and I can honestly say I’m very satisfied so far. And I keep making more money each month.
    Their offers variety is huge, good conversion rate and more important stable. No shady practices so far.I have never had a problem with payments. Always on time like a clockwork, and if you can drive certain volume they can arrange more flexible terms.
  3. NandoThor
    Legit, just recived the $50 payment in my paypal account. But it take too long, it was down many times. I am testing enhancedmirror.com right now, anyone knows anything about this wesite?
  4. Pamela Watson
    Pamela Watson
    Cpadawn is my FAVOURITE affiliate network – On time payments, very professional managers, huge offer selection & higher payouts.
    Thanks to the whole Cpadawn team!
  5. Elif
    We are working with WapEmpire for almost 6 months, and they are really great partners with good and always available support. It is a pleasure to work with such company
  6. Daria_WapEmpire
    Working with Wingoads for almost half a year: reliable partners, highly recommended!
  7. Erik Sven
    Erik Sven
    Great guys! If you decide to work with them, you can expect offers with a great payout, on time payments and helpful managers.
  8. xiaoyaoli
    After testing, I think this is a Trker with excellent potential.I like it ,Hope it gets better and better!
    1. Jay.1104
      Author's Response
      yes, we will be one of the best in this market
  9. lalayouth
    I tried this tracker and it has clear interface. it's easy to operate and has stronger functions. what I like this platform is their kind support!
    1. Jay.1104
      Author's Response
      thank for your comments, hope you enjoying your using of Newbidder
  10. 大大大香蕉
  11. jamesqzh
    it is easy to use, and cheap
    1. Jay.1104
  12. Latifab
    I am very satisfied using Trackingdesk, has a great platform very easy to use, and the support is amazing replies fast and very helpful.
  13. hoangthanh91
  14. Note23
    one of best affiliate network to work. Highly recommended!
  15. AmandaAdams
    A signup bonus and low payout minimums. Straight forward affiliate program with great payouts!
  16. Rigina
    Work for about a year, with Facebook. Tech support helped set up an advertising company
  17. kedesign
    Please stay way from this network it is a pure scam. they will let you run offers and tell you the quality is good please increase volume, but when the payday comes they will come out with lies in order to no pay. please stay away from all Chines network as they all do the same thing.
  18. Ketchuphater
    Poor support. Doesn't reply on time. Payment is always delayed.
  19. Gerry Lat
    Gerry Lat
    I’m having a great experience working with these guys! Offers are the best for me and working with them in Affrevenue gives really high results.
  20. mrseven171
    I can totally told you that, this network is scam. Firstly, when i applied and got approve, the AM : Porthos chat with me so much and push me to push one offer ( in the offer page its show as incent offer), I push some traffic and got pretty nice conversion from that offer so i increased the volume, he promised me that i will get pay weekly again and again, then the payment time is coming, they said my cr% was not good, and they said that is non incent offer, When in the offer pages its mark as incent for sure, With incent offers my cr% around 7-10%. Then the next day, all my commission in that week has been mark to fraud with out any report, warning or notice, I tried contact Porthos many time via email, skype, but seem he just disappear. So this is very very bad experience i have from this suck network. Highly recommend stay away from this network. Admusketeer was scam network, All proof maybe fake, Porthos, you are really greed
    My affid is 778 for sure