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  1. yancy
    As a newbie, especially those who have limited budget, choose newbidder best. It has a relatively complete function, and some people gradually to improve and debug, at least in the course of my use, it is the problem is very little, does not affect our normal use. And their customer service I like, the basic first time to reply to you.Then I will look forward to their dsp system, other interesting features, their own dig it.
  2. Nguyen Ich Phuoc
    Nguyen Ich Phuoc
    pls check ib, I want to join in :). my skype: live:rowlandt2525
  3. jims45
    I have been an Affiliate for four years now and have tried many different networks. Peerfly is undoubtedly the best network overall, newbie friendly, good offers and absolutely 100% legit. No scrubbing here and always payments on time.
    Good job Peerly!
  4. jims45
    Good offers, nice user friendly interface, however beware of your account being terminated (and funds suspended) if you don't run traffic on a regular basis.
    Good start bad ending!
    1. CrakRevenue
      Author's Response
      Hi Jim, thanks for the review. We recently had a major fraud problem and we do acknowledge the temporary suspension of some accounts. That said, we're working with those who were affected by this and if you were one of them, please PM us with your email and we'll tell you what other information we need from you to resolve this to your satisfaction :-)

      Eric from CrakRevenue
  5. sohag247
    I joined in your Network . Please active my account.
    1. TopOffers
      Author's Response
      Dear sohag247,

      we`ll check your application and get back to you.
  6. Mohamed Elfadil Alsadig
  7. Hello_Json
    Excellent forum for online marketers. Good activity, and information. They still have a few decent free tools as well. Its Just a bit overpriced IMO.
  8. Sohag Kumar
    Sohag Kumar
    Hey I created an account in topoffers network. But my account has not been approved. I am very very interested to working with topoffers netowrk. please approved my account.
    My account mail is: [email protected]
    my skype: sohagkumar101

    I am very tried to conect with Marina skype.i sent her skype requiest but she is not accept me.Please help me.

    Thank you.
    1. TopOffers
      Author's Response
      Dear Sohaq,

      Thank you for contacting us!
      Our team replied to you by email.
  9. Kerri Strokes
    Kerri Strokes
    It's clear system and 24/7 online support. They have good rates and lovely conversion.
  10. Engro
    I am fairly new to the program, but I do like its terrific support and ease of use. While I will explore others, I will no doubt stay with ePN as well. Great training and support from the program, and they are improving the tools they provide. Once they do, it would be a 5-star review.
  11. tyoussef
    perfect i will join this Guys :) .
  12. jowel
    very good aff. program
  13. Mia Brown
    Mia Brown
    When I used other affiiate programs I face a problem that they have a few payment methods. These guys from EssayPartner are open to send my earned money from cpc via the most suitable method. I like it 'cause I lose less money of transactions fee.
  14. William Jason
    William Jason
    I use their program and I have nothing bad to say. Always paid on time, great managers and no hassle. My earnings greatly increased when I switched to EssayPartner. Before I have already used 5 other programs , so I'm a s esperienced user can recommend this one as one of trustful and fruitful.
  15. Emma Odell
    Emma Odell
    I just love your cpc! It's even higher on some geos in comparison with other networks. These guys are best in support. I hope we will continue our mutual and fruitful work with the same pace
  16. Bruce Nanney
    Bruce Nanney
    Good rates, prompt and helpful support team! I'm good in ruby but I didn't know much about affiliate. Only some phrases from a friend of mine. EssayPartner team explained all details and now I work with them and satisfied much with their conversion rate.
  17. basel_alsalom
    It is very important that we follow our advertising campaigns in the affilite and CPA projects to see the direction of our campaign results and to make decisions on whether to continue or adjust our strategies,
    In this framework there is a very powerful tracking program called NewBidder that features all the features that may outperform the rest of the tracking software including voluum.
    Newbyder features:
    • Price: Its price is as low as 50% compared to the price of the voluum tracking program.
    • Automatic help for ad campaigns
    • Get feedback on the sudden change: for example, one of my offers declined? Which one, in which country? ROI suddenly fell, on which campaign? The new budget-consuming area and other sudden changes that you get feedback at once to fix the campaign from breaking down feature are missing in the tracking software.
    • Other features.
    1. Newbidder TRK integrates some of popular traffic source into our system through API, and pull the data for you after you set token on our system, it bring you much more convenience to analysis data and mange your campaign from your traffic source in one panel.which synchronize all the real cost of different parameters such as website id, country post back from the 3rd Traffic source like popads, zeropark.,etc
    2. Which surprise me is the flexible report system
    The Report system provides 20+ variables and 3 dimension group by to analysis your data deeply and looking for positive profit dimension and potential chance.eg, you can find which website id is profitable in which day in which campaign,.it is really flexible and useful for me.
    The tracking software can tell you the visitor’s IP address, country, operating system, time when the conversion takes place, the carrier information if the visitor is on a mobile device, and much more.

    I believe that Newbidder will be a promising future in the industry of tracking software with its distinctive characteristics
  18. tabarak
    very good company
  19. Linda N. Walton
    Linda N. Walton
    Guys, you have really selling design and content! I wish you to share your marketing and PR managers. Only one week with your platform and money coming!
  20. Teresa Davidson
    Teresa Davidson
    EssayPartner is a great affiliate program. You can easily navigate and there are a lot of options you can present your links. Previously, I used another platform (won't say its name) and EP has obviously more benefits. Advice to try if anybody has doubts.