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  1. game333
    To be honest, I have been with them a year, and made $6,000 with them. And stopped Affiliate Marketing for about years now.

    I was curious back then, how is it even possible I add an affiliate link to one of my 2 million views video, and in that month alone I made $55, one lead was Pin Submit $12+.

    I was eagerly waiting for the payment like hey, I didn't spend even an effort heck I'm receiving envelop.

    But MY ACCOUNT GOT HACKED, by some random Russian hacker I believe, caused my payment email was Payoneer and was changed to Paypal as payment method, and a email with a Russian domain, mail.ru

    I was like... Huh? I guess I'm not granted to received that envelop? I contacted the guys, cunt, tom and ben, they were so friendly. They immediately solve thing out, told me it would probably that the hacker first change your email address, so you wouldn't receive an notification for your payment detail has changed. And told me my email and information could have been compromise. They told me, I'm fine. I was wondering if I will receive my payment, cause they did not mention. Envelop. :D

    And 2 days later Tom email me everything will be fine, I will be receiving my payment next week. I'm like? What about the payment you've already sent to the hacker?

    So, I respect them for having much patience to an inactive user like me.

    The Chat Room had incredible user as well, though some of them are troll-er.

    5 Stars.
  2. game333
    How can I compile this, back when I started Affiliate Marketing not long ago, I joined Peerfly and MaxBounty, and started training, practice sending traffic and quality traffic to MaxBounty, I literally spent $1,000 on FaceBook 1st hand, and $1,000 on Zeropark after. Not to mention the tools and resources this and that.

    So I remember I used to have a balance not being paid by them around $500 to $800 if I'm not wrong, because the information of Paypal I filled in was the old e-mail address. I wasn't notice because I thought they were Net30 and they moved me to Net15 without being noticed, so I thought the payment would be next month.

    Until I started ZeroPark campaign, started to send mass traffic to one of their campaign, a game campaign, and I notice a mass sign up on this campaign, I was worried heck wait, I did not did any optimization and I'm getting a positive ROI? I contact the girl, I guess I'm not wrong her name was Val Husky, I asked her twice if there's any problem with my traffic, because it acted weird. She said no problem, I raise the volume, and 2 days before my payment date.


    Yet the payment from Facebook Campaign and ZeroPark, the money I've spent were all gone into drain. They are reputation company yet they are doing this. Brand are in the help of media and public relation, but truth is not what the message being sent out.

    I want to warn those people who are trying to get serious in business with them, if you're are skeptical about my words, I actually did opened a thread back in 2013 or 2014 here in AffiliateFix, invited Steve into talk, yet they ignore me. And not to mention Val immediately blocked me after my payment is not received. I've posted all detail and evidence there, feel free to take a read.
  3. BilalShah
    Adcombo = King of Aff Networks. Simply Loving The COD Offers