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  1. rabi3o_gabes
    As a newbie, I recommend for everyone I am using the tracking tool:


    Real-time data tracking, integrated powerful features, parameter customization, simple and practical interface.

    It also has its own DPS system, for newbie provide one-stop solution.

    Welcome everyone to use because it is free!

  2. Stefan.Mik
    Its profitable to work with this platform.
    Conversion rates are always high, even so it is not a season.
  3. ki41foo
    subscribed service yesterday but wasn't able to confirm my account. it went to parking page. no email reply and no phone call reply. is it a scam??
  4. starvold
    One of the best affiliate programs I’ve been working with. The main thing – requirements for the traffic are adequate, money is paid, the support is always there. Excellent choice of geo, very comfortable conditions for working with the foreign internet.
  5. Ilana SnIder
    Ilana SnIder
    We have been working together for 3 months. Large selection of offers, regular payments on request. The support service quickly resolves all the questions that arise. I recommend!

    Payment proof.
  6. jukoila
    The support is really good. They helped a lot with the foreign internet, gave information on how to get started in Hungary and Austria. A very broad geo, weekly payments to the WebMoney.
  7. Leila Steward
    Leila Steward
    Great Commission, High paying and excellent customer service. I would recommend to join this program.
  8. ahmedbre
    Maxbounty scamming me to worship the advertiser :( :-
    hello folk
    i want to share with you what's happen with me at maxbounty network !!!
    it was my first month to me with them and my AM was ( Tania Laroche Duhamel ) i working with here with a lot of traffic sources as any new one to know what's good for them and continue with the good one and expect the bad one , till now it's good
    at the first month i make about $2300 but they told me there are one offer have low quality traffic so will remove it and already did that and my payment was $2164 as i remember , so i ask if the other is good she told me from the beginning of the other month to 10th you will know the feedback and if any thing is bad will tell you and remove the bad payment from this offer ( and i was working at more than 10 offers ), so i stop all my traffic from all my sources and wait them .
    it was 13th and nothing and i asked my AM told me every thing is ok , so i continue my working at the next month and make more than $5000 then at the 14th ( it was just one day and i will get my payment they told me your friend have bad quality traffic so your payment is hold and we will ask for review if you have a fraud traffic we will close your account as we did with him , ( my friend !!!!!! ) so i told my AM it's ok , by the way you already told me that my quality is good and i will get my payment and also for the next month my quality is good . ( i have screenshot from our chatting )
    then after 10h i see that she block me at skype and didn't answer me all of AM that belong to maxbounty blocking me and send to me mail told me that my account is closed and if i think it was an error replay and told us why ? , and i did it and told them everything and ask them so why now you closed my mail but without any answer , and asking them about my old payment that them already get this money from the advertiser because they told me also before that they get the money and the feedback from 1th t 10th from every month then send to us the money if it the first time and it was weekly told us to return the money if the traffic is bad or there are any refunds , or say nothing that's mean everything is ok ,
    so they already take the payment from the advertiser and come to 14th at the month and creating this problems and every one i talk to him say to me i have nothing to do !!! how and you told me from some days before that my quality is good so why so closed everything and take all of my payment ( it was all what i have ) and i already told my AM that and she told me the quality is good continue your working !!! but now they take from me all what i have really , i don't know what i do , and i have all proofs from my AM words to assure every word i had said it now
  9. alexgas
    Offers list is cool aslo
    1. Anna2017
      Author's Response
      Thank you alexgas! We appreciate it!
  10. Farazdaq
    Best API tool for click optimization and traffic detection
    Highly recommended
  11. Fakhruddin Lukmani
    Fakhruddin Lukmani
    One of the best automation solutions i have checked for an Affiliate Network! Great Work by the Developers. Highly Recommended and worthy of every penny spent.
  12. Brijesh
    The best tool for API integration, its helps lot to the affiliate network. best support.
  13. Jebrel Ayoub
    Jebrel Ayoub
    i'm surprised by all of these negative reviews,
    i have my own experience with this wonderful network and i can say it is a great network and have an awesome team behind who will always giving support for you... and it is really friendly for newbie and also great choose for experience..!
  14. Wkids
    No Skype support. No answers of emails. So think 100 times before depositing any money as a advertiser.
  15. tyoussef
    really amazin service :)
  16. Media_Expert
    Good traffic, good conversions and most of all - fabulous customer service. Highly recommended
  17. Benitajoe
    They are cool. They do respond on time.
  18. Alex_Chess
    The coolest guys in affiliate market!
  19. shenstery
    Very impressed with the support I got. Offers are great. You can easily get pay alot if you can bring in quality traffic and conversion. Really Thanks,
  20. Lisa_trafficshop
    good traffic sources