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  1. Adam80Johnson
    Really good tool. I find it easy to use. I like its wide functionality and landing page editor. Have been using for 4 months now and still have no issues.
  2. Wkids
    Wow Awesome Network with Lot of Great Offers converts like crazy.
  3. Angela Parker
    Angela Parker
    The greatest affiliate tool! I've been using it for 1 year now and what I like the most is stability and constant upgrades. I've found there many useful features for me. My favorite one is tracking without redirects, really helps to cope with Facebook. Recommend you.
  4. Romio
    My account never was approved. I have tried 3 times and they reject my account.
  5. John Wellow
    John Wellow
    One of the best trackers I used.
    Good value for money, excellent features, friendly support. Totally recommend!
  6. Tim13
    Best tracker, the best support service, and very extensive functionality.
  7. towhidzaman
    Always been a top notch network
  8. Nikhil Gupta
    Nikhil Gupta
    I've been working with this clickscrowd network since 2012 and this project was started in 2011 and after working for so many years I can say that this is the best affiliate network on the internet and constantly working on improvements like using great technology in tracking clicks and clicks pay rate is also very high. I always get the payments on time and many good and popular payment options are available for you to get paid weekly for your work. I just highly recommend them and have not doubt in giving them 5 stars :)
  9. Hbkseanmichael
    Great account managers who know what they are doing and want to help you. The only network I will ever use.
  10. Anica
    I've been working with these guys for quite a long time, 6+ yrs, and I only have the words of praise for them. First thing that comes to mind is their great online support which is unparalleled. This affiliate network has wonderful team of people to work with, team leaders are so friendly and responsive, giving their level best to share tips and info and providing all kinds of tools and resources that can help you out to succeed along the way. Payments are always right on time and since I started working with them, I never missed a single payment. Giving all 5 starts and highly recommend.
  11. Invix Media
    Invix Media
    Great spy tool. It has everything you need to find out what works best right now. Work excellent and pricing is the best I have seen so far. Love it.
  12. Rishi Ezhava
    Rishi Ezhava
    Excellent Services offered
  13. NeverGiveUp
    My experience and opinion of this service:

    Gives us a slight idea of what’s running.
    Download images used for push creatives.
    It’s the only service of this kind.
    You can see the amount of days running.

    We can’t download landers (when I paid, it was stated we could on the index)
    We can’t see 80% of landers, or funnels of ads we see.
    Traffic sources are innacurate – this shouldn’t be a feature because it’s not correct. If I want to see ads only from MGID, it should show MGID, not megapush urls etc.
    Each day something has changed or been edited – my impression is that it should be in BETA.
    The index states we can see case studies and success stories if we subscribe, this is not the case there isn’t any inside.
    It’s not ready yet, in my opinion it shouldn’t of been launched yet – especially as a PAID service.

    I think this has potential, but it’s just not ready. I would not be paying again unless everything works as it should which is what we pay for.

    I don’t expect to pay for something (no matter the price) for unfinished, broken services.

    I was given a free month after a conversation with the owner, but still I have paid $58 to basically see ad images and a very small % of landers.

    As for support, I’ve only contacted them via affiliatefix and they are pretty responsive.
    1. spypush.top
      Author's Response
      Good afternoon, NeveerGiveUp! In touch with CEO Spypush, Nikita. Thank you for your feedback.

      We sold more than 100 paid access, and mostly received only positive feedback. Many people who bought for testing for one month, after buying subscriptions for 3 and 6 months. For us, this is a recognition that we make the right product.

      Thank you for the pluses you indicated.

      I would like to comment on the cons about which you wrote:

      1) "We can’t download landers (when I paid, I’m not allowed on the index)" - currently the landing page download function is under development. It is a pity that you thought that we have it. For this purpose, we offer each user full 24-hour free access to 5 countries. The user can evaluate all the functionality and make a purchase decision.

      2) "We can’t see 80% of landers, or funnels of ads we see." - A number of landing pages have protection from spy services. Many people do not want their funnels to become public. We are constantly improving our collection algorithms to collect as many landing pages as possible. In order to make sure for ourselves how much landing pages is available in our service, we give full access for 24 hours. If the user believes that there are very few landing pages, he does not buy the service.

      3) “Traffic sources are innacurate - this shouldn’t be a feature because it’s not correct. If you want to see MGID, not megapush urls etc. “ - all networkrs sell each other traffic. It's not a secret to anyone. When you buy traffic in megapush, you buy traffic from other ad networks. This is a normal process, if you know how the traffic market is organized, it will not be a surprise for you.

      4) “Each day has something that has changed or has been edited.” - we work every day on the functionality of the service. We add new filters, improve algorithms. Growing base of advertisements. I myself have used various services for many years, and my opinion is better if the service improves than if this does not happen.

      5) “The index states we can see case studies and success stories if we subscribe, this is not the case there isn’t any inside.” - you can see our cases study on the forum Affilatefix as well. Use the forum search to find https://www.affiliatefix.com/threads/30-000-on-dating-offers-with-propellerads-push-notifications-spypush-team-case-study.158265/

      6) “It’s not ready yet, in my opinion it shouldn’t of been launched yet – especially as a PAID service.” - everyone has the right to their opinion. You think that the product in its current form costs $ 0. I, as the CEO of the project, believe that the product costs $ 49. I get positive feedback every day and I understand that the price is fair.

      I am glad that you have expressed your opinion about the service. We will take your feedback and become better.

      For our new users, I suggest before pay, get acquainted with the functionality of the free version and make a purchase decision.
      Sincerely, CEO Spypush, Nikita.