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PureFiles.Net - Truly Unique PPD Network - High CR & EPC - Low Payout Fees - Amazing Payments

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    • Net-15
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    • Wire
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    PureFiles is a Pay Per Download (semi CPA / Affiliate Network) network which is truly unique and revolutionary. We offer various content locking solutions to our publishers such as content locker, file locker (downloads), link locker and widgets.

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    Apart from the standard set of tools, we also have wide array of additional features which makes PureFiles a truly unique network in this industry. This includes beautiful members area, various marketing tools, six type of advance statistics, local currency payments & low payment fees, strong account security enhanced by 2-Factor Authentication (2FA), split testing & intelligently monetizing leaving traffic, local translated landing pages for specific countries to maximize conversions, up to 8% maximum referral rate, many more ways to earn apart from normal and referral earnings and a lot more!

    We guarantee that joining PureFiles will be the best decision you will ever make and you would not want to switch again.

    Join PureFiles today and experience the difference!