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Publisher Network Script

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  1. Somition
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    Publisher Network Script
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    Have you working with some advertising network as a publisher? Did you know, advertising network cutting the revenue share and pay you the half or less of their earning?

    Why not become an advertising network and keep all the commissions? Why still under others if you can have your own network?

    Publisher Network Script will help you create your own network today. Get started now!


    simple explain how the system work

    API Connector
    An advertising network providing an API Connector and some parameter, need account to access and easy to get an account, just following our guide.

    Network Script
    We development a network script connecting with the API and get statistic, zones, websites. Also have publisher management, website management, payment...

    Publisher register on Network script then add their website, waiting for approved by you. Then get ad code and put on their registered website. Earning in Revshare model.

    fall in love with awesome features of publisher network script

    Publisher Management
    Manage publisher joined, required email verify and unique. Easy to banned, approved, export or edit publisher details.

    Website Management
    Easy to control website added by publisher, approved or rejected website. Export website list to showing with other network.

    Payment Management
    Add new payment method with minimum payment required. Easy to approved or rejected a payment.

    To handing large statistic requests from API connector, we make statistic update daily using simple cronjob.

    Ad Tags
    Add much as ad tags as you need into the network. You can also create a whitelabel domain name for your ad tags script.

    Revenue Share
    Set your revenue share percent for new register publisher or edit the current revenue share of existing publisher.

    Script totally secured and out of attack. Encrypted data before send or stored in the database. Request from API connector totally secure.

    Easy to change the style of script. If you need totally different look, simply contact us, we can make a unique template for you with cheap price.

    Save Money
    No need to pay high amount for server every month. We cover all the server, domain, management fee in the total price you see bellow.

    And more features are waiting for your discover…

    Rent Publisher Network Script today and save up to 25% of the regular price.

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