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PSTNET - Payment Solution For Google Ads, Facebook Ads, TikTok Ads

PSTNET - Payment Solution For Google Ads, Facebook Ads, TikTok Ads

Unlimited shopping with ULTIMA card
for only $99/year (48% discount)!

Out now
Currency - USD
Mastercard payment system
Absolutelly new unused BINs
From $1 for a card, from 2% top-up fee
* Only for PSTNET users❤️

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And so we increase the comfort level of our users again!

The minimum withdrawal amount from a ⭐PSTNET account is now $300 (instead of $500), which is another step towards the universal payment solution we are striving for.

We work further
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Meet Cardholder, an advanced Google Chrome extension for making payments with virtual payment cards from PSTNET. One click on the extension button opens the list of cards from your PSTNET account so you can choose one and swiftly copy card details for any purchase.

Why Cardholder?
– Receive 3D-Secure confirmation codes right into your browser
– Check the current balance of your virtual payment cards from PSTNET
– Insert card details in payment detail fields in just one click (Soon)

⭐ Join PSTNET users from all over the world and discover a new generation of payment
Will the card work after being linked to the account? Will everything not fly into payment risk? What can you find out before buying a card? PST Pulse - an advanced bin checker from PST.NET will help you answer these and other questions!

With it, you can check any card: find out the country of issue, bank, and payment system. And for PST cards, even more information is available. Pulse will show the average spend by BIN, decline rate, and billing thresholds for each card.

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Working as a team? Meet tools for teamwork from PST.NET virtual card payment service!

Teamwork capabilities:
-- Employee management: invitation and suspension, role change
-- Setting spend limits
-- Instant transfer of cards and funds between team accounts
-- Top-up request system
-- Transaction history for all participants, reports in CSV format
Soon: Spend forecast system
Soon: Setting allowed merchant categories

To get the Master account status contact our customer care service
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Premium cards (Visa Platinum Credit), 3D-Secure support and BIN quality monitoring system will help you easily make foreign purchases and pay for online advertising expenses.

We worked hard to provide you with the best conditions on the market – up to 100 free cards for the test, from $1 per card and from 2% top-up commission.

Virtual Payment Card Service PST.NET is a best option for teamwork – Master accounts can manage the team structure and the limits for each participant, as well as set up expense categories and download reports.

The best offer on the virtual card market is waiting for you!
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PST.NET provides virtual payment cards (VCC) from US and European banks with instant deposit and withdrawal operations, now offers the best conditions on the market (literally).

Up to 100 free cards for media buying teams – for testing
$1 for additional cards – more than 25 BINs from 5 US & EU banks
2% card deposit fee – lowest on the market

Visa Platinum Credit cards, 3D-Secure and BIN quality monitoring system from PST.NET will provide unsurpassed level of protection against problems with financial verification on all advertising platforms.

Fill out the form to get 100 free cards @Ann_PST_Private
1074 EN.jpgPST.NET, virtual payment card service, promotional campaign «Test at our expense»:

・ $0 for the first card!
・ 0% commission on the first deposit!
・ No documents required!

PST.NET cards are issued by US banks, have exclusive BINs and provide the best protection against risk payment.
First card at no cost and first deposit without commission (for any amount up to $500) are available for all new users.
Number of free cards is limited (1000), don’t be late for your free VCC!