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Premium PopUnder Ad Network

  1. PopUnderTOTAL
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    • Wire
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    [email protected]
    The DRS Media Ltd. team is proud to announce that our Premium Pop-under Ad Network ( PopUnderTOTAL ) is now accepting new registrations.

    Our features for advertisers:
    - Premium traffic coming from premium publishers
    - State of the art targeting technology
    - Real time bidding system
    - Real time reports
    - Minimum deposit of $10.00 USD only.
    - Campaigns minimum bid starting at $0.10 USD per thousand views.
    - 1/24 capping
    - 24/7 live support

    Our features for publishers:
    - Premium high paying campaigns
    - No minimum traffic required
    - Minimum withdraw amount of $1.00 USD via PayPal or $500.00 USD via Wire transfer
    - Withdraw requests are processed within the same day
    - Approval in less than 2 hours for your domains
    - Real time bidding technology to insure the maximum amount of money for each view.
    - 100% fill rate, worldwide
    - 24/7 live support

    For other details and information regarding our business model and services please visit our website: http://popundertotal.com

    To sign up for an account : PopUnderTOTAL Registration