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The Popunder Network - With PopCash your success is guaranteed!

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    With PopCash your success is guaranteed!
    Why? Because the pop-under advertising is the most effective.
    Our team can assist you via Instant Messengers. We are online daily to answer your questions!
    You have full control over your campaign. You choose when to start, pause or stop it.

    Your campaign can be on air in less then 10 minutes!
    Are you wondering how this is possible? You must register in our system and then deposit money in your account. You can do this with Paypal or Paxum through our web interface. (If you can't fund with PayPal or Paxum, contact us and we can together find another way to load money in your account). After funds are loaded in your account you need to create your campaign. You can target your campaign by country and category and you can optimize it by adding the publisher's website identifier in your URL. Now your campaign is ready to start! Usually campaigns are approved in less than one hour but you can speed up the process by contacting us through an instant messenger!

    Start earning money in less then 10 minutes!
    Maximize your revenue with PopCash! You can start earning money in less then 10 minutes. All you need is an account in our system and your domains approved. Once you have done those things you can place the Javascript code (generated by our system) in your website body. This is all! Now all your visitors will view a pop-under from PopCash. Our pop-under is showed once in a 24 hour timeframe, so your visitors will not be disturbed by repeated popunders!
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