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Optimization Bot for ZeroPark

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    I attribute this automated bot to making me a large percent of my profit from ZeroPark.

    I’m releasing it at OptimizeBuddy.com (more/better information there than what I can post here)

    It’s risk-free to try it out, so here’s the most basic explanation I can muster

    Imagine having a virtual assistant sitting at your ZeroPark dashboard, optimising your campaigns 24/7 while you sleep, always making sure you're never paying more than you need to... and that no-one outbids you.

    That's exactly what our bot does.

    As I’m sure you know(more than enough posts on it at STM), ZeroPark bids work on a straight bid system.

    That means you pay exactly what you set your bid at.

    Which is a really bad thing, and here's why..

    If your competitor is bidding $0.0012, you only need to bid $0.0013 to steal the traffic away from him.

    The first problem comes when your bids are set higher than they need to be. In the above example, lets say you bid too much, at just $0.0016. You're paying $0.0003 more than necessary, for no extra benefit.

    Now, that doesn't sound like much.. but to do a little math

    Lets be conservative and say you spend $25 a day on this campaign. Not a lot.

    $25 divided by $0.0016 = 15625 views.

    What would you pay if you were only bidding $0.0013 instead? (just one point over your competitor)


    $25 minus $20.30 = $4.7 extra profit per day. Or $141 extra per month.

    That's a huge chunk of ROI you're not seeing because your bids aren't optimized well (it's not possible for a human to sit and optimize campaigns 24 hours a day.)

    Now multiply that with bigger campaigns. Or when you're running 4-5 more smaller ones like this.

    Problem number 2 comes when you have a winning campaign, but you keep getting outbid (probably by a competitor using OptimizeBuddy...)

    Everything converts really well. The ROI is there and you want to scale... but you can't get the traffic.

    That's where we come in. We'll never let a competitor get ahead of you.

    We'll be in there outbidding him consistently and he'll have no idea what's happening.

    You'll be able to pull in maximum profit from your winning campaigns, all on autopilot.

    It's hard to calculate the cost of missed traffic like this.. but it hurts.

    There's a free 7 day trial. Try it out if you're running on ZeroPark. If it doesn't improve your profit then just hit cancel before the trial ends and pay nothing.

    Check it out at OptimizeBuddy.com