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Online Tattoo Directory

75% Lifetime Recurring Commission on Subscriptions

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    Programs Name:
    Tattoo Directory Affiliate Program (Lifetime Recurring Commission)
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    Payment Frequency:
    • Daily
    Payment Method:
    • Paypal
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    [email protected]
    Our Affiliate Program is based on a Lifetime Commission system whereas once somebody joins our directory, your account is linked with theirs and will be rewarded with commission with every monthly payment they put forward.

    We wanted to make our offering as lucrative as possible for the Affiliate as to reward them for the work they have undertaken.

    For a sale to generate a commission to an Affiliate, the customer (most likely a Tattoo Artist) must complete the registration process and submit full payment for the directory subscription. Commissions will only be paid on sales that are made when the customer clicks through qualified, correctly structured Affiliate links. Properly coded links are the sole responsibility of the affiliate. Commissions can be viewed on the Affiliate Dashboard.

    Due to our Lifetime recurring payment commission system, Affiliates will continue to accumulate commissions for each paid transaction by the customer for as long as the customer remains a paying customer.

    We pay our Affiliates a 75% commission on all Subscription Packages. For example, if a customer registers for an Annual Subscription Package at the cost of £37 per annum, the Affiliate will receive £27.75. If the customer renews their subscription at the end year, the affiliate will be paid another £27.75.

    If an affiliate has 1000 accounts linked to their account, there would be a potential to earn £27,750 per annum from those accounts based on our lifetime recurring affiliate system.

    Payments are made automatically via Paypal. We don’t require any minimum balance before money can be withdrawn. Paypal will automatically deposit the affiliates commission into their Paypal account once the customers payment has been verified.

    Whilst payment should be within a couple of hours, payment processing may take up to 7 days from the request date.

    Affiliates are permitted to use the L-inked brand and marketing resources available in the Affiliates area under the ‘Creatives’ tab. Logos and other assets may be used but cannot be modified. The Affiliate does not gain any trademark, copyright or any other rights to these materials or anything provided by L-inked.

    You are welcome to created your own marketing content and strategies providing they do not break our Affiliate Terms and Conditions.


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