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Hi everyone, Many of you may know me from my past experience, but I’m here today to...

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    Hi everyone,

    Many of you may know me from my past experience, but I’m here today to reintroduce myself and talk to you about OfferMarket!

    Our team is comprised of a number of well known individuals (check us out on LinkedIn) and together we offer a wealth of experience and knowledge. Among our advantages, we provide a solid proprietary tracking platform, the ability to utilize offers on both a CPA and CPC basis, a track record of excellent customer service, and always on time payments.

    The network is well-funded and reliable, and you can always count on us to provide the best possible offers. If you’re looking for anything specific, I or another one of our dedicated affiliate managers will work with you one on one to fulfill your needs.

    Some of our highlights:


    CPC & CPA Offers: Get paid the way you want, on time, every time.

    Stability & Longevity: We built our platform from the ground up. We are well funded and own our code, systems, and infrastructure debt free.

    Experienced Management: Our team has been successful publishers, advertisers, and network operators since the year 2000, generating well over $200,000,000 online. We understand your needs and will help you succeed.

    Paid What Your Worth: Other CPC networks use your good quality traffic to subsidize publishers with poor quality, lowering your CPCs. OfferMarket bases CPC rates on your own performance, no one else’s.

    No CPC Ceiling: Other CPC networks have a payout ceiling they cannot pay publishers above. If your traffic quality improves beyond their top CPC payout, they will not pay you for the higher rates you have earned. OfferMarket has NO CPC ceiling. As your traffic quality increases, your CPC increases, continually.

    Referral Commissions: 5% on publishers you refer, for the life of your account!


    Self-Serve Platform: Our self-serve platform gives advertisers full control over the setup and management of their offers.

    Pay for Performance: No monthly fees. Pay only for performing on a CPA basis. Generate leads, sales, downloads, installs and other performance based actions.

    Fraud Protection: Advanced fraud protection for all traffic sources.

    Transparency: We give advertisers great insight and transparency into the competitive landscape of the performance marketing area in which they operate.

    Targeting: We increase advertiser success with improved targeting options and simple in-depth reporting by traffic source, resulting in improved performance optimization.

    Contact Me

    I’ll be posting on this thread frequently to address any questions or concerns you might have regarding OfferMarket, but you can always contact me whenever you’d like! I am often personally available on nights and weekends, as well as normal business hours, and will be sure to connect with you quickly. Thanks for your interest!


    John T. Bryant

    Email: jbryant (@) offermarket.com
    Skype: JohnOfferMarket
    AIM: jbryant (@) offermarket.com

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  1. hiimjeremy
    Great network!I definitely want to mention that John Bryant is an extremely knowledgable and motivated account manager who is always eager to increase business and maximize earnings, A+++++. My experience working with him and Offer Market has been awesome! I would definitely recommend this network.