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All-in-one affiliate income and performance dashboard

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    All-in-one affiliate income and performance monitoring dashboard

    Keeping track of your website and revenue stats is key to online success. myDash gives you all the affiliate income metrics and user stats on a single dashboard. Stop gathering your data from various websites.

    Save time, money and ditch the spreadsheets.


    What does myDash do exactly?

    Gather income statistics
    Aggregate earnings from your affiliate networks and product sales into a single dashboard.

    Monitor your Audience
    Check your site’s visitors, social media followers and newsletter subscribers in one place. Combine visitor and income data in beautiful graphs.

    Get individual reports for yours projects and networks.
    myDash is build so you can easily get stats on different levels: See exactly how much money each website or network is creating. You can also analyse every transaction made within each network. Of course you also get the big numbers combining all your project's income.

    Status reports per email
    Get daily, weekly and monthly report mails right into your inbox.

    Sign up for the free 30-day trial now to get going: myDash – all-in-one affiliate and blog performance monitoring

    If you have any questions please contact me here, on facebook, twitter or on the chat on mydash.io