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Mundo Media

MUNDO Media ltd is a rapidly growing performance–based ad network that provides...

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    Mundo Media
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    • Net-15
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    • Wire
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    MUNDO Media ltd is a rapidly growing performance–based ad network that provides advertisers with direct response solutions and broad reach; and publishers with world class marketing expertise across all industries and verticals, proprietary technology to create ROI-driven solutions, and a dedicated team of managers.

    For publishers and affiliates, we bring the best advertisers, campaigns and offers to you and do so with award-winning service and management. We have an unparalleled track record of high payouts, on-time payouts and savvy affiliate managers at your service. We are the leader in the Mobile space and the #1 Pay-Per-Call Network. Our top verticals also include Dating, Downloads, App Installs and Pin Submits!

    The reasons why you need to join us now are:

    1. The best incentives and program of any company in the industry. You make money and then some with MUNDO Media thanks to our loyalty program and publisher referral program.

    2. Access to exclusive offers customized by traffic type.

    3. Most networks are focused solely on the United States and Canada. We are truly global! We welcome publishers from all over the world and in fact a large contingent of publishers and advertisers in our network are from outside North America.

    4. Our Affiliate Managers are the best in the business. Upon acceptance, they are available to you 24/7.

    5. We have an actual track record of success and affiliates like us. We pay on time. We have the best payouts.

    6. We have the best contests in the industry including contests to Vegas and Barcelona!

    In short, MUNDO Media believes in leading industry best practices related to marketing as well as client management for both advertisers and publishers. We have a passionate, dedicated team of people that results in unmatched service and unmatched ROI for your online marketing objectives.
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Recent Reviews

  1. internalsoul
    One of the best network and my AM is just too awesome and very helping. Huge number of offers and high payouts and payment is always on time. Highly recommended.
  2. captain47
    Mundo Media provides amazing support and my affiliate manager there is just awesome! Highly recommended :)
  3. Dario
    One of the best network out there! Strong offers in all verticals,helpful affiliate managers and high level of professionalism!
  4. voluum
    The best affiliate network I've worked with, been with them for over 3 years. Highly recommended!