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Moon Landers

Clothing store with 25% commision of every sale.

  1. Moon Landers
    Programs Name:
    25% Commision Clothing Store!
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    Minimum Payment:
    Payment Frequency:
    • Net-15
    Payment Method:
    • Paypal
    Referral Period:
    The latest trending 3D hoodie shop is now open to affiliates!

    Brand name: Moon Landers
    Product: 3D Printed Hoodies
    Motto: For people desiring to look and think differently
    Commission: 25%
    Payment receival interval - 14 Days
    Shop URL: Moon Landers
    Affiliate Registration URL: Affiliate Dashboard
    Affiliate Terms and Conditions URL: Affiliate Program Terms and Conditions

    More about us:

    Moon Landers is a new, emerging clothing brand meant for people who desire to look and think differently. That's our USP - No negativity, No Bullshit, just Positivity and Progress.

    We sell hoodies in 3 Different styles:
    • Galaxy hoodies
    • Psychedelic hoodies
    • Wild Card hoodies (The ones that just look amazing to us)

    The Content that we provide will be Videos and pictures.

    We advise you to promote on Facebook and Instagram as we have the most success there, but it is really up to you!

    How to get started with selling?

    The whole deal is simple:
    1. You register as an affiliate on our website.
    Affiliate Dashboard
    2. You get a unique link to send your traffic to and track the sales you've made.
    3. We send you content to your email that you can post on your blog/social media account etc. (Or you can use your own if you think it will work better)
    4. You sell our hoodies.
    5. You get paid in the span of 14 days via Paypal or Direct bank Transfer if you are from Europe (Paypal is preffered).

    We do recommend reading through our terms and conditions first, to make sure nothing inappropriate is done.

    We are looking forward to contacting you and starting our growth together!