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MobPartner is the Global Mobile Performance Network. Since its beginning in 2007,...

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    • Net-30
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    MobPartner is the Global Mobile Performance Network. Since its beginning in 2007, MobPartner focused on Performance and Mobile User Acquisition.

    MobPartner's worldwide recognition in effective campaign management comes from its highly efficient in-house platform, unique tracking tools and a dedicated Client Service Team.

    MobPartner has already earned the trust of hundreds of Advertisers and the ability to secure strong ties with the best and most influential Publishers around the world.

Recent Reviews

  1. djcrunk
    I have a love/hate relationship with Mobpartner. And I gotta say they have awesome offers which are easy to convert and a very global approach (many countries to promote in several of their offers). Besides they been around for a while, been one of the oldest biggest players in the mobile field. They always look and act like a very professional company, and well connected with advertisers.My only gripe is payment terms. I mean net-30... seriously guys? That kinda sucks to no avail for media-buyers, cause you don't want your earnings frozen for almost 3 months (cause you still wait for the leads to be validated before they actually count), cashflow is vital when you're using paid traffic and you wanna push volume. So I really need to know, can you actually get better payment terms if you reach $1k+ a week in volume? Let's say like biweeklies or something. Cause most networks will pay you each 7 days gladly if you reach that mark. Also there is no skype contact for account managers it seems just email... hell I don't even know who my AM is right now. But is easy to get in (newbe friendly) Is kinda like the clickbank of mobile right now.Anyway is probably a great network if you're a newbe and wanna start right now, cause easy access, they have many offers in many countries, and you have to learn and gather data before you think about getting those profits, besides they're known to pay on time every time, so your earnings are kinda safe, cause they're solid. Or if you are an advanced affiliate with a huge budget and already getting fast earnings and cashflow from other projects, so mobpartner would be more like a long term investment.But until they give better payment terms I'll probably stick with other networks. Peace and good luck,
  2. EymardSiojo
    Okay, I got my payment yesterday. Look at the smile in my face :)The offers are great, and updated every time.The support is not that much coz, they don't have much contact information and takes a day or some time. The late payment issue is because they don't process payment in saturdays and sundays. My bad. The staff here is kind enough to pm me and told me that and processed my request. Great!They are Paying! Got my seal of approval!