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Mobile Ad Scout

The Ultimate Mobile Ads Spy tool - Steal High Volume Mobile Campaigns!

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    Mobile Ad Scout
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    “The only Mobile Spy tool that Reveals exactly What top affiliates are actually running!”

    Introducing Mobile Ad Scout. The only mobile ads spy out there that reveals “copy + paste”, “plugin + profit”, campaigns. 7 months in the making, I’m finally releasing this beast. I had been using it for my own mobile campaigns, and making an absolute killing in the mobile space. It cuts through all the B.S. and reveals the exact landing pages high volume affiliates are running in over 18+ countries, the top traffic sources, know exactly where to run these campaigns, the offers affiliates are running, operating systems, and much more! View the video below for a quick demo

    Some of the feature Mobile Ad Scout has to offer

    • Search by country, now you can pinpoint the hottest GEOs top affiliates are banking in (you’d be surprised how many ‘obscure’ countries are producing insane ROIs)”

    • Reveals top affiliate landing pages, you can see every little dirty trick these guy’s are using, I was shocked at some of the things I’m seeing them do.

    • See the exact traffic source, this is where you can simply “plugin” the campaign to the RIGHT traffic source, and save yourself $1000’s of dollars on testing.

    • Reveals offers, what good are landing pages if you can’t see the offer these affiliates are pushing?

    • Search by operating system, we let you see everything from android to iphone, from windows to mac. You’ll know exactly what OS to buy traffic on. ( insert picture of iphone and android logo)

    • See how many days live, this is an absolute MUST for “Plugin + Profit” method. You basically can see the campaigns that are profiting right now!

    • Search by keyword, this let’s you get more niched out, if you already have something in mind, and just want to see what others are running

    • Pinning, since we have over 100,000+ ads in our database, pinning allows you to “bookmark” ads that you want to come back to. We understand it can be overwhelming so we added this feature to make your life a lot easier.

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  1. Marco Acero
    Marco Acero
    The "trending" area has not change, and include only 5 items from 2 years ago.
    Even without filtering for any search term, country, OS, traffic source and days seen, there is no recent banners from today, yesterday, a week ago or even a month ago. You have to go 6 months back to find anything!(?)
    There is really absolutely no value in this "tool".
  2. Adac
    Horrible, never updated and you pay 149/month. The newest available sweep for landers is over 2 weeks old. Try to find ads some other way this sucks.
  3. daveyison
    Can't wait for added featured but used it since day one and still use it so great
  4. Bolo
    Getting to see some good information , love it, cant wait for the Banners.
  5. Tyler1
    just got the NEW updated design and it's made this tool even better just wish you guys would release the new features and stop teasing us
  6. tranus
    The best spy tool available for mobile traffic and nice support from Evan and guide
  7. Snoop
    Purchased via the coupon last week and so far LOVING this tool and what it can do! A+
  8. SayMyName
    Best mobile spy tool on the market
  9. xxx
    Great tool for newcomers to mobile, already spotted some nice landing pages for my campaigns and now waiting to get setup after spying thank you
  10. K
    This is the BEST mobile spy tool on the market, i've never seen a new spy tool have such an effect on the market. Can't wait for the latest update!