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MaxConv - A tracker that you only pay for conversions.

MaxConv - A tracker that you only pay for conversions.

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only pay for conversions, as low as $0.004/conversion
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MaxConv is the first affiliate ad tracker that you only pay for conversions, all visits & clicks are free, no minimum monthly fees, just pay-as-you-go. Clapping

We values our users, and their needs too, if you ever have questions or want to request new features, just chat with us via online chat widget in MaxConv panel, or drop us a line at

Here are some features and advantages that you will get amazed :)

1. Visits and clicks are free, only pay for conversions, the pricing is as low as $0.004 per conversion, which means we make money only when you make money

2. Free plan. You got free 200 conversion credits per month, which means you don't need to pay anything until you generated more than 200 conversions a month :)

3. Post-payment pricing. as long as you subscribed to MaxConv, you pay after you use, on the start of each month, MaxConv will calculate the usage of previous month, and then charge your card. If you prefer upfront payment than recurring billing, you can buy conversion credits without subscription, each tracked conversion cost a credit.

4. Global-deployed servers, to minimize your click loss.

5. Unlimited custom domains with free SSL certificates.

6. The industry-leading big data tech architecture. MaxConv deploy its collecting server on different continent, and send data to apache kafka, the back end consume data from kafka and ingest into bigdata database, which make redirecting fast, and capable to handle billions of clicks per day

7. Campaign armors, which support various of rules, you can identify traffic by country, region, city, isp, device brand, device model, os, browser...etc, and block them or redirect them to another place.

8. Fly link, a link manager that associates with different campaigns without changing the link itself, so you can reduce the time of traffic source review, for example, you create a fly link, link it to a campaign, and submit this flylink to your traffic source, after some tests, when you decide to run another campaign, instead of submitting a new campaign link to traffic source, you can just swap associated campaign in fly link at MaxConv panel, no need to wait for traffic source review at all.

9. Custom landing page events, you can send up to 5 custom events in lander page, which gives you a very flexible way to track and optimize your lander, for example, with this feature, you can track how many users stay on your lander for over 3 seconds, so you can spot bad traffic sources and bots.

10. Cost and conversions corrector. You can adjust your campaign cost at any time rang, or upload new conversions

11. Team collaboration, invite your members to your team, and assign different role and workspaces to them. $5/team member per month(owner is not counted)

12. Insightful campaign report

There are more features waiting for you to dig:D

try it now, new users will get free 200 credits every month

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