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Max Cash Title Loans | Affiliate Army
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Max Cash Title Loans is one of the biggest title loan lead generating sites with a massive network of lenders.

Using car title loans, we help customers pay for financial emergencies when they need it by using the title of their vehicle as collateral. Since we are not a direct lender, we are not controlled by companies’ sales pitches and their process. We have multiple lenders at our disposal and, being the largest independent title loan processor, we can tell customers their options without wasting time.

We work with Affiliate Army and their lead system has allowed us to become one of the fastest growing networks for the title loan industry, which means one of the biggest sources of leads for title loan companies across the country. For every state that has a title loan lender, we work with all the major car title loans companies. We are insured, licensed, and regulated.

Our affiliate program offers 5-10% of the funded loan amount. This means when a loan is funded for $5,000, you could get up to $500 just for that loan. The average payout we see in our program is around $250-$300 per loan. Some states have loans that pay less than others, but every conversion continues to add up. We have affiliates that make thousands of dollars with us based on their conversions.

In our affiliate program, you work directly with our affiliate managers to get accurate advice in real time. We are willing to share the experience and knowledge from what has worked well and what has not for free! It may be a little work at first to set up your campaign, but the few hours or days of work can quickly turn into conversions that will make you money.

With our program, you also get:

· A unique API link to track your leads.

· Promotional materials already designed for you: a unique landing page (English and Spanish), phone number, banners, images, and more!

· A dashboard to keep manage your leads

· In-house call center for your customers. We are not outsourced!

· Free phone number for your customers to call that will track as your lead.

· Digital support with SEO, website load time, HTML issues, etc.

· Pay via direct deposit, PayPal, or check.
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