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Marketing Town

We track, analyse and optimise performance marketing for the worlds leading brands.

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    Marketing Town
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    Initially started as a tracking company, Marketing Town grew to include a client service and account management team to grow our partnerships in the affiliate and lead generation industries, working on co-reg, CPA, and CPL campaigns on a daily basis for clients such as Amazon Prime, Bupa, Webgains, and Samsung.

    Marketing Town is now an hybrid tech company and affiliate agency offering bespoke solutions to optimise and increase performance.

    With Marketing Town, you can track all types of consumer interaction. Track and measure different types of touch-points on the customer journey (paid, owned, earned media) in a more accurate and robust manner. Marketing Town gives an agnostic view of performance, enabling you to allocate your ad spend to the channels and partners that generate the best ROI, as well as activate real-time triggers based upon tracked customer engagements utilising SMS, email and WhatsApp communications.

    Analyse your campaign performance and visualise your data through real-time dashboards and analytics that generate actionable insights. Marketing Town unifies data gathered across platforms, traffic sources and campaigns into a single tool, enabling you to drill down into your campaign performance and understand the bigger picture.

    Optimise your multi-channel marketing effort and take control of your advertising spend and optimise your revenues with unrivalled affordability and ease.

    Our mission is simple: make Marketing Town an asset to your business. As your technology partner, we strive to offer you all the innovative features you need to achieve your performance goals. Whether you are looking to increase sales, track conversions more accurately, drill into your data for valuable insights, monitor your partners or optimise all your marketing efforts, Marketing Town has a feature that does exactly that and even more.