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Click and Conversion Tracking For Affiliate Marketers

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    The most intuitive Affiliate tracking system giving affiliate marketers the information they need to grow and scale their marketing campaigns as soon as they start generating traffic. This will show you which campaigns to cut and which ones to grow and scale very quickly. You will see the best conversion paths from your Traffic source to your Landers and to your Offers

    Get up to the second analysis of your tracking data and make decisions in real-time to improve your ad campaign performance. Use our one-of-a-kind adaptive Rules engine to drive clicks in real-time to the most likely to convert Landers and Offers based on visitor behavior or prior performance data

    Analyze your tracking data the way it makes the most sense to you. We collect over 90 data points for each tracking event but you can select and filter the data you want to see in your Reports and how you want to see it. You can then save your customized Reports for faster access at a later time or have them emailed to you on a schedule

    Our system can scale to support billions of tracking events and our servers are always up to handle all of your tracking and reporting needs without ever slowing down or causing click-loss. Our tracking and redirect times are super-fast usually less than 50 milliseconds even under high traffic volume or during heavy reporting times

    Over 90+ unique tracking data with Mobile Detection
    giving you the best information to increase campaign performance

    IP Address, Geo-Location, Device Detection (Mobile), Platform and Browser Information, and other web tracking data.
    Also add your own proprietary custom variables and get more intelligence out of your data

    Get Granular
    View summary charts to see what is happening at a higher level or view reports at a granular level showing each individual tracking event with 90+ data points collected including IP Address, Visitor Geo-Location, Device Type, Platform and Browser Information, and other vital tracking data

    Adaptive Rules Engine
    Create tracking filters on all of your data points and take specific actions when a tracking event matches your filter. Example: filter by location and redirect viewers to a geo-targeted landing page or filter by device type and send visitors to a custom landing page for the particular device.

    Emailed Reports and Instant Texts
    Setup custom reports to be delivered to any email address on a schedule. Setup rules to notify you instantly when a specific tracking events occur. For example: receive an email summary of all the clicks per day or receive a detailed email for every click event. Use the rules engine to filter for certain tracking events and get instant text messages to alert you when those events occur. Example: receive a text message when a Postback conversion or sale is received.

    Sub-IDs and Tracking Variables
    Track your affiliate Sud-IDs easily and send the most relevant data to your Affiliate networks for end-to-end performance tracking. Track variables like keywords, queryString, and bid from your PPC Traffic sources and use these data in your own reports or setup Rules to act on this data. You can also add your own custom variables and capture all the proprietary and relevant information needed to help drive performance.

    Discover great features
    We help you gather the data and give you the means to act on it intelligently to Optimize Campaign Performance

    Perfectly designed
    MarketersTack is designed for today's affiliate marketer. We know data is king, but what good is that data if you can't make sense of it and act on it in meaningful ways? We give you the means to collect this data and the tools to use this data to grow and scale your marketing efforts and ultimately increase sales and conversions. We make click and conversion tracking fun and productive.