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LPOptimizer is a multi-variate testing and optimization tool that will help you test tons...

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    LPOptimizer is a multi-variate testing and optimization tool that will help you test tons of headlines, call to actions, images, backgrounds, css, etc( + setting up tracking and rotator) of a landing page within a few clicks(in 2-3 minutes you can set up over 50 different versions). You just have to put the url of the LP, use the mouse to select visually what elements you want to test(directly from the LP, not touching the source-code), set variations for those elements and that's all.

    It integrates with CPVLab and Prosper, so it will save you hours on just setting up the tracking. For Prosper it also has a built in rotator with custom weights.

    Basically this tool will help you get the most of your traffic and test as much as you can on your budget limit. Of course, the more impressions you have, the more different versions you can test, so this tool is not for newbies.

    A few screenshots from making variations of a responsive landing page from The Dojo:

    View attachment 2417

    Top 10 benefits of LPOptimizer:
    1. Saves you hours on setting up, testing and optimizing landing pages
    2. Integration with both CPVLab and Prosper202. Reporting is the same, no special components are required to be installed.
    3. It takes less time to set up 30 variations, set tracking, set rotator and upload to your server using LPOptimizer than doing all this manually for 5 variations.
    4. You don't need any HTML/PHP knowledge to set up variations. You don't need to edit the source code of the landing page in any way.
    5. You need to touch your server ONLY ONE TIME(after signup) to set up unlimited landing pages and variations. No need to use FTP to upload each variation manually. You also don't need to spend time creating different folders or file copies.
    6. Even if you want to test hundreds of variations of a landing page(all at a time or during several days/weeks/months) you need to set up the tracking ONLY ONCE, instead of hundred of times.
    7. Integrates with AffKit tools. Currently there are 3 scripts(geo-location, countdown timer and date/time) that can be added to variations and tested within a few clicks, again, no code editing required.
    8. You can reduce the loss in case of landing page theft, by protecting all your variations and getting back free traffic from the thief.
    9. Weighted rotation feature with automatic and custom distribution of weights. Prosper doesn't even have a rotator, for CPVLab you need to calculate and enter each weight manually which also takes time.
    10. And NO, is not using Javascript to handle variations, all pages and variations are hosted on your server...you have full control over them.
    You can try it out without even signing up, go to LPOptimizer - easy landing page optimization and put a landing page url
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