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Live2Support is a live chat solution for real-time customer support and sales.

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    Live2Support (www.live2support.com) is a live chat solution for real-time customer support and sales. Founded in 2003, Live2Support is a feature-rich live chat software used by thousands of companies to engage with customers everyday. Businesses can add chat to their websites in minutes to offer 24/7 live support. They can also monitor customers in real-time and initiate proactive chats to generate new leads and improve sales.

    Live2Support helps companies offer 24/7 live support with instant chat set-up and mobile support. Business owners can quickly add live chat to their websites by embedding a simple line of code on any webpage. Managing communication with customers is also easy as support agents can continue conversations on any device or platform using Live2Support apps for desktop, tablet and smartphones that support Windows, Mac, iPhones, Android, Blackberry and more.

    The chat software comes with a set of robust features that help businesses provide outstanding support, while increasing sales and conversions. One of the features is "real-time visitor monitoring", which helps businesses to generate qualified leads by identifying and engaging with potential customers. With real-time monitoring sales agents can view details of website visitors such as the number of visitors on the website at a given time, the pages they are viewing, their country of origin, operating systems and many more. Agents can clearly understand the profile of customers visiting key pages on the website and send them targeted messages using proactive chats and push URLs. Real-time visitor monitoring is a great way to engage with potential customers and improve conversions.

    Live2Support also helps supervise support agents and track their productivity and performance. Supervisors can view chat ratings, scheduling, assign agents to departments, view reports including agent login hours and do a lot more. They can also add new agents, monitor chat sessions and assign agents to different departments to supervise and manage customer support better.

    Live2Support also makes it easy for agents to chat with customers using canned responses and push URLs. Agents can share screens or use cobrowsing to see what customers are seeing and offer precise help easily. Peer to peer chat is another feature which allows junior agents to bring in the expertise of senior agents during real-time chat sessions with customers.

    Besides these, Live2Support offers a ton of features from custom designing chat icons to integrating live chat with popular CRMs and CMS.


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