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    • Net-30
    • Net-15
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    • Paypal
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    [email protected]
    :::::: What is Leadaxy? ::::::

    Leadaxy is a brand new CPA network that focuses on publishers and beginners. Our goal is to be able to help publishers, whether beginners or veterans of the CPA scene, make money easily by helping them monetize their content in a few simple clicks. Paired with a beautiful dashboard and many type of statistics, there is no way you won't make money here at Leadaxy.

    :::::: Why Leadaxy? ::::::

    Why not? If you're a beginner, you're looking for the perfect place to start your CPA journey. Here at Leadaxy, we'll pair each publishers up with an affiliate manager who will help guide you to the path of success! Not to mention, we offer a very low minimum payout of only $15! We also offer many payment schedule such as NET 30, NET 15, and bi-weekly.

    Also, we have the standard industry tools such as Content Lockers, File Lockers and Link Lockers as well. Use these amazing tools to start generating income for your website and files. Paired with many other networks, we'll ensure that you receive the best converting and highest paying offer for your content.

    :::::: Why Leadaxy Is Here To Stay! ::::::

    Many new PPD & CPA networks have popped up over the years, and many have gone away with your money in their pockets. I'm here to assure you that we are not one of them. Leadaxy is one thing I'm very passionate about, and has been my dream for few years now. I have no intentions to walk away with your money, nor do I need to do such a thing. By joining Leadaxy, you're becoming my partner - and why would I cheat my partners?

    :::::: Contact Us! ::::::

    Website: Leadaxy
    Skype: justin.leadaxy
    Main AM Email: [email protected]
    DMCA Email: [email protected]


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