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Lazada.sg Affiliate Program

Join Lazada.sg, the Biggest SEA Online Store, with more than 30,000 available!

  1. Lazada.sg
    Programs Name:
    Lazada.sg Affiliate Program
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    Up to 9%
    Minimum Payment:
    25 USD
    Payment Frequency:
    • Net-30
    Payment Method:
    • Wire
    • Paypal
    Referral Period:
    30 days
    [email protected]
    Join Lazada.sg Affiliate Program and earn up to 9% Commission

    Where to join: register at register at Lazada.sg - Online Shopping Singapore for Cameras, Electronics, Fashion, Home Appliances & more

    What is an Affiliate Program?


    An Affiliate Program or Affiliate Partnership is type of performance-based Marketing where a collaboration is established between an advertiser and its marketers or affiliates. In practice the advertiser provides special links with a given tracking to its affiliates, so that they can promote their products and campaigns and that every transaction coming from an affiliate is tracked by the advertiser. Affiliates earn a commission for each valid sale coming from their websites, according to the advertiser’s terms and conditions.

    The sales commission is usually a percentage of the price of the items that have been sold. In the case of Lazada.sg affiliate program the commission paid will be up to 9%, depending on the category of the sold items.

    How does the LAZADA Affiliate Program work?

    John owns the website techgadget.sg and would like to monetize it. He decides to join the LAZADA Affiliate Program and becomes an affiliate. With the different products that LAZADA offers, he can choose to promote a number of products that complement the content that John produces, such as smartphones, cameras, and other gadgets. Making banners and other advertising graphics is easy and John adds several banners and other graphics to his website that link to LAZADA. He even includes the links in his blog posts.

    Mary wants to buy a smartphone and looks for information on the Internet. She comes across the website techgadget.ph, and sees a LAZADA advertisement on smartphones. The LAZADA offer attracts her so she clicks on the banner link that leads her to lazada.sg. She decides to purchase the smartphone on LAZADA. Because John is part of the LAZADA Affiliate Program, he is therefore entitled to receive a commission on the sale.

    You can read the Program Terms and Conditions at Affiliate Program - General Terms and Conditions | Lazada SG

    To register click here: register at Lazada.sg - Online Shopping Singapore for Cameras, Electronics, Fashion, Home Appliances & more


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