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    Every affiliate knows how important a landing page is. A great pre-landing page gives you a chance to grab the users' attention and helps you to convert more. With Landernow, you can create your landing pages easily & quickly with ready to go templates.

    Choose from prepared designed templates divided into different verticals and goals. Landernow allows you to make changes in any element of your landing page to make it suitable for your needs. You can also add dynamic macros to your campaigns and easily integrate them with your tracking solution.

    Landernow Advantages

    -Totally free of charges.
    -Fully integrated with ReklamStore’s DSP and Affiliate Network.
    -Free hosting.
    -Tens of templates for popular verticals like mobile install, Nutra, dating, gaming, etc.
    -It allows you to export your landing pages and host anywhere.
    -Supports ready to use macros.
    -No need to be technical or design expertise.

    It's Easy to Use

    Just select your template according to your needs and edit the content & images as you wish and start using your landing page without any hosting requirement. Simple as that!

    Landernow makes it easy to design, publish and optimize killer landing pages. Plus we monitor your pages 24/7 to ensure everything runs smoothly. Our profession is to help your business launch its next campaign faster and smarter.


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Recent Reviews

  1. Mohamed Ali Hosni
    Mohamed Ali Hosni
    Great Value ! Easy to use!
  2. Sencan
    Very simple and easy to use, completely free and comes with free hosting when used with ReklamStore products.